Important Things to Consider When Buying a Spray Can Filler Machine

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Spray Can Filler Machine

Aspray spray can filler machine canfillermachineisadevicethatcanbeusedtofillemptycanswithaliquidoraerosolsubstance.Usingthismachinewilldecreasetheriskofemployeescomingincontactwithhazardoussubstances.Itisespeciallysuitableforindustriesthatrequirelargeamountsofliquidoraerosolproductsinashortperiodoftime.Herearesomeimportantthingstoconsiderwhenbuyingone:

Thesizeoftheaerosolcylinder,thevalvesusedandthecrimpingsystemdeterminetheaccuracyofthefillingprocess.Inaddition,themachineshouldhaveaqualifiedsealingsystemtoavoidleakageofgasandliquid.Ifyouwanttofillaerosolcans,youshouldconsiderhowmanycansyouneed spray can filler machine tofill.Amachinethatcanfillhundredsofcansatoncewillsaveyoutimeandmoney,sinceyou’llnolongerbewastingmaterialsandmanpoweronmanualprocedures.

Automatic straight aerosol filling machines are the most advanced machines available. They combine crimping, vacuuming, and gas filling to create high-quality aerosols. Automatic straight aerosol filling machines are suitable for cans with a diameter of 52mm to 65mm and a height of 80mm to 330mm. The AF-90L is easy to operate and can fill up to 3,600-5400 cans per hour.

A pre-charged aerosol machine can be used to fill a variety of products. These machines have a female and male type valve and a chamber filled with propellant gas. Depending on the capacity of the can, the propellant gas used in aerosols will differ, and some machines may even use CO2.

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