IPL Machine – The Best Value-Driven Device For Your Beauty Or Aesthetics Business

IPL Machine

IPL Machine – The Best Value-Driven Device For Your Beauty Or Aesthetics Business

Whether you want to blitz the stray hairs that poke through winter tights or rip skinny jeans or rid clients of pigmentation spots and skin discolourations, an IPL Machine is one of the best value-driven devices your beauty or aesthetics business can buy.

Super-safe and foolproof with automatic skin tone sensor that won’t flash if your skin is too dark. Plug & zap with unlimited IPL flashes.

Hair Removal

If you’re tired of shaving, plucking or waxing, an IPL machine is a fantastic option for getting silky smooth skin with no more peek-a-boo pubic hairs or stray underarm hairs. It works by stunting the hair cycle to prevent new growth, and while it may seem pricey initially, think of all the money you’ll save on trips to the salon and razors (plus all the environmental waste).

IPL machines work in a very similar way to lasers but use a wider range of wavelengths for the treatment. They use light to target pigment in the hair follicle, and once this is disrupted it stops the regrowth process. A course of 6-8 sessions is usually required, and the results are permanent.

This Philips device has been clinically tested to ensure it didn’t cause pain and it actually feels quite pleasant. You can adjust the intensity of the flashes to suit your hair and skin tone, and it also has ICE tech to cool down your skin for a more comfortable experience.

Another great at-home IPL device is Bondi Body’s offering which boasts a host of advanced benefits including a built-in skin sensor and enough power to last you 20 years! Its super-quick three-second flash speed will zip through your hair removal session without a hitch, and it has a wide selection of attachments to target all areas of the body from the face to your legs.

Skin Rejuvenation

When used for skin rejuvenation, the IPL machine is like a laser but without the limitation of only using one wavelength of light. This allows the machine to treat a variety of problems, and it can also be used on different parts of the body.

The IPL machine uses quick flashes of light to heat up the dark pigment in the skin, and this can remove age spots and sun damage. It can also reduce the appearance of IPL Machine fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging new collagen to form in the skin.

This treatment can be used on any part of the body that shows signs of aging, but it is often used in areas that are prone to exposure to sunlight. These include the hands, chest, neck, and face. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries or rough texture on the skin.

Before the treatment begins, a specialist will cleanse your face or body area, and then apply a cooling conductive gel. Then the professional will hold the device against the skin, and as it releases pulses of light, you will feel a sensation that is similar to having a rubber band snapped on the skin.

While some at-home IPL machines can be purchased, these do not have the power of the professional machines used in salons and spas. These professionals follow strict IPL Machine safety standards that ensure your comfort and the best results possible.

Pigmentation Treatments

IPL technology releases a series of quick pulses of filtered light that penetrates the skin to target areas of the body where brown pigment (melanin) lives. The light energy heats the unwanted blemishes, which causes them to coagulate. This triggers the body’s natural healing process to slough away and replace them with healthy new tissue.

IPL can also be used to improve redness in the face caused by rosacea or other factors. This treatment is a safe, effective way to reduce redness in the complexion without damaging the skin’s surface.

During a treatment, your aesthetic professional will protect your eyes with dark glasses and apply a cooling conductive gel to the area being treated. You will then lie back as the device is placed on your face. During this time you will experience a sensation similar to having an elastic band snap against your skin, but it’s typically not very uncomfortable and is over quickly.

You will need 3-6 treatments spaced four weeks apart to achieve your desired results. The blemishes will become lighter with each session, and after your last IPL treatment you should be ready to maintain your results by following a skin care routine that helps suppress the formation of new discoloration year around. This will ensure that your results are as long lasting as possible.

Acne Treatments

IPL can help reduce the appearance of acne scars, enlarged pores and mild redness or discoloration caused by sun damage. It also helps lighten pigmentation. It stimulates fibroblast production of collagen and elastic fibers that improve skin texture and elasticity.

The varying wavelengths of IPL light contact the skin and are converted to heat which destroys bacteria that cause acne and reduces thick oil the body produces. It also causes an immune response that leads to increased collagen and healing of the skin. IPL treatments can be used 2-3x per week.

Lasers only emit a single wavelength of light, but IPL technology has multiple filtered frequencies of light which can address several issues at once, such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation treatment. IPL technology is very safe and tolerable with minimal discomfort. Some people compare the sensation to a rubber band snapping over the skin.

A trained medical professional will cleanse your face and apply a cool conductive gel before the IPL treatment. Then the machine will pulse light over your entire face or area of concern. You will need to keep your eyes closed as the light pulses through the skin, but it is very tolerable and does not burn. Your provider will give you a countdown as each pulse is delivered to prevent any confusion.

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