Epoxy Card and Foil Business Cards

Epoxy Card

Epoxy Card and Foil Business Cards

Using resin over paper is an easy way to make one-of-a-kind greeting cards. The resin creates a glossy, crystal-clear surface that can enhance the paper’s texture and color while protecting it from moisture and scuffing.

You can use general-purpose epoxies, which have cure times of five to 30 minutes at room temperature. However, you will need longer-curing structural epoxies for heavy uses.

Metallic Foil Cards

Metallic foil business cards offer a unique look and reflect light, making them a memorable addition to your professional arsenal. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and colors, they can help you make a statement and stand out from the crowd at networking events.

Foil stamping is a printing process that uses heated metal dies to apply foil to the surface of cardstock or paper. This produces a shiny, reflective image that is more eye-catching than ink or digital print alone. It is best used to highlight key information and accentuate logos or designs. Foil can be applied to a variety of paper stocks, including silk, conqueror and color plan. For maximum shine, add spot UV to your foil printed cards to enhance the light-catching effect.

If you’re looking for a card that oozes luxury, opt for a foiled business card with rounded corners. This feature creates a sleek, stylish appearance and also helps prevent dents and snags to keep your card looking its best.

Our foiled business cards can be combined with spot UV, embossed finish and letterpress printing to achieve a truly custom card. They can even be printed with variable data to allow you to include unique details for each individual card (e.g. membership numbers). If you’re interested in adding a metallic touch to your business cards, we suggest going for the foiled and silk laminated option.

Clear Foil Cards

A clear laminate fuses with metallic foil on these cards to create an unmistakable, premium card that will stand out from the competition. The clear laminate also protects the card from wear and tear, making it a great choice for business cards that will be handled frequently.

Foil can be used to highlight text, images, and other parts of the design. Even the Epoxy Card simplest designs dazzle when adorned with gold or silver foil. This technique also works well with other colors such as red or black. The result is a stunning card with a unique texture that will make a lasting impression on clients and colleagues.

In addition to metallic foil printing, we offer a wide variety of other custom options to enhance your business card. You can add spot UV to print a gloss accent, or full bleed printing for a more detailed effect. We also offer a number of different lamination types to help protect your card and keep it looking like new.

ID cards with embedded visual features are hard to duplicate with standard cardstock and are a great choice for businesses that need to protect their identity and data. These features can be added to either PVC or composite plastic cards and come in a variety of styles, including holograms. Epoxy Card Holograms can be embedded directly into the card or placed between two layers of PVC.

Custom Foil Cards

Foil cards add a touch of luxury and flair to your custom greeting card design. Metallic foil can be used to accent key information, images, and text, bringing your message to life. Foil is available in a wide range of colors, including silver, gold, and copper.

Using the latest digital technology, a hot foil stamp is applied to your card before printing. This is similar to letterpress in that it makes a deep impression in the foil area. It works best with light colors printing over the foil. It can be done on both sides of the card, but only on a silk laminated stock.

Choose from one of our foil stamp options, or use our online editor to add your own custom color and foil pattern. You can even choose a round corner to make your card feel more personal. We also offer spot UV which can be added to specific areas of the card.

Foil is the perfect way to share the joy of your new bundle of love. Browse our collection of foil baby announcements to find the right design for you. Then upload a photo of your bundle of joy to complete the look. Add custom text to celebrate your baby’s birth date and gender. Choose a font and size to match your style. To apply your changes, select REVIEW & BUY.

Personalized Foil Cards

Greeting cards are a special way to send someone a thoughtful message that they’ll be sure to remember. While they may be overshadowed by a simple text message or social media direct, they still hold a place in our hearts. Whether you’re looking to show a friend or family member how much they mean to you, our personalized foil cards let you do just that.

Choose a design from our templates and add your custom text to create a unique, custom card that will shine. Foil stamping uses a process that puts aluminum onto the paper, creating a shiny, beautiful look in the shape of a design or text. The resulting cards can be as elegant or as playful as you’d like, making them the perfect option for weddings, birthdays, holidays and more.

A beautiful way to celebrate a graduate’s achievement, this gold faux-foil graduation card announces the class year at the top, while displaying the grad’s name and photograph in the center of the card. This personalized graduation photo card can also be customized with your choice of back design and envelope liner to add an extra touch of flair.

If you want to make your own epoxy jewelry, use greeting cards that have interesting patterns and textures for the best results. The rough surface of these cards makes them easier to bond with the clear epoxy, and their unique designs will stand out more than a flat piece of scrapbook paper would. If possible, choose a card that has a bezel, as this will be a great place for the epoxy to sit.

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