Aktiia Smart Plastic Bracelet

Smart Plastic Bracelet

Aktiia Smart Plastic Bracelet

Stylish and smart wearables are now popular in the market that are designed to make our lives easier and healthier. One of these is the smart bracelet.

The smart bracelet can help you to improve your health condition through its functions including the following: motion detection, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder and heart rate monitoring. The data recorded can be synchronized with your smartphone to better guide you through your daily activities.

1. Motion Detection

The main function of smart bracelet is motion detection. It can also offer many other advantages including alarm clock, heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, notifications and GPS positioning to guide users to live a scientific, reasonable and healthier life.

During exercise, the bracelet sensor can detect four movements of the forearm: wrist extension, ulnar deviation, finger flexion and wrist flexure by using its conductive layer to contact with the surface of the forearm muscle groups. sEMG signals are generated by the two sensor modules to detect these movements.

The smart bracelet can be synced with the mobile phone or tablet by opening Bluetooth, which helps you stay connected to your loved ones. It also supports storing and sharing data with your friends on social networks.

2. Sleep Monitoring

Smart bracelet is a new smart wearable device powered with advantageous benefits and functions such as motion detection, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring and more. Unlike other trackers, smart bracelets can be worn without blocking the user’s breathing and are often made of flexible material that is comfortable for all skin types.

Most wearable sleep trackers use sensors to monitor movement, heart rate and breathing to calculate a person’s sleep quality and length. Some may also detect snoring and ambient noise to provide more detailed data. Others, such as the Go2sleep ring, may measure Smart Plastic Bracelet heart rate variability and blood oxygen saturation to identify sleeping problems like sleep apnea.

3. Sedentary Reminder

A smart bracelet uses a vibration motor to remind you of calls and messages, without disturbing others with a loud ringing sound. It can also help you stay active by allowing you to monitor your sleep pattern and other health indicators.

Smart bracelets are designed to collect and analyze various data from your body, including heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep quality. Using this data, they can determine how long you’ve been sitting down and alert you to stand up and move around. This function can help you avoid some health problems such as spinal damage and poor circulation.

4. Heart Rate Monitoring

Smart bracelet is a relatively new smart wearable gadget that is powered with advantageous benefits and functions such as motion detection, heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder, alarm clock and more to help individuals live healthier and easier. It is also designed to look like an ordinary piece of jewelry that is very convenient and comfortable for individuals to wear as well as use.

To test the reliability and validity of the Mio wrist-worn device, 65 participants completed one maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) test and two running exercise tests wearing the Mio bracelet and a Polar H10 HR monitor during each session. The results showed that the Mio bracelet has good reliability and validity for HR measurement during exercise.

5. Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Aktiia bracelet is designed to help manage hypertension. Its cuff and bracelet have been designed to constantly track blood pressure without the need for calibration with a doctor’s stethoscope.

A photoelectric sensor in the cuff emits a light that makes your arteries visible to it and measures the reflective pulse wave signal generated by your heart beating. This is then interpreted by an algorithm that takes into account your age, weight and sex to determine your blood pressure.

This data is synchronised to your smartphone and presented in the app, including colour-coded SYS/DIA readings throughout the day. This information is also available to doctors via downloadable PDF reports.

6. Blood Oxygen Monitoring

The device uses photoelectric transmission technology to measure blood oxygen saturation on the wrist. It helps snorers improve their sleeping habits by detecting the presence of low oxygen during sleep.

The medical alert bracelet’s help button is always ready to connect you with a monitoring center staff member. Our Reviews Team surveyed medical alert users and caregivers, and found that fall detection is the most requested feature.

Smart bracelet, a fashionable new smart Smart Plastic Bracelet wearable device, can offer many advantageous benefits and functions to guide people’s daily life in a more scientific, reasonable and healthier way. It mainly includes monitoring, tracking, recording, reminding and synchronizing.

7. Heartbeat Monitoring

Moreover, it can also track your calories burned, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals. It is able to do this thanks to its built-in three-axis smart acceleration sensors and flash memory chip.

To determine your heartbeat, the device uses photoplethysmography (PPG) technology to measure blood flow in the wrist area. It then sends that information to your phone via a Bluetooth connection, which can then display it on an app. However, PPG is susceptible to interference from motion artifacts. For this reason, participants in the experiment were required to wear the bracelet as tight as possible.

8. Real-Time Activity Tracking

Smart bracelet, being the comparatively novel smart wearable gadget, takes advantage of lots of advantageous benefits and functions such as motion detection, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, sleep monitoring and GPS positioning, leading to guiding a healthy daily life for users.

During exercise, smart bracelet can record the exercise data in real time such as movement time and calories burned by a built-in accelerometer and flash memory chip. And then it can present the trending data to users in a certain period of time, making them adjust their exercise intensity according to their needs.

In addition, smart bracelet can connect to mobile phone, tablet and PC with Bluetooth 4.0 for fast synchronization. And its battery can be used for a long time without charging due to ultra low power consumption technology.

9. Bluetooth 4.0

Using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it is highly compatible with all smartphones. It also supports call/message notifications from your smartphone so you will never miss any calls or messages.

Among the various functions of smart bracelet, sleep monitoring is probably the most valuable one for users to improve their sleeping quality. It can detect your fall-asleep time, light sleep time, deep sleep time and wake-up time to provide accurate data for you to analyze.

This smart plastic bracelet can also track your sports activities, record your calorie and sleep information and automatically synchronize them with your mobile phone so you can check all the data at any time.

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