Benefits of Owning a Real Reborn Doll

Real rebirth doll

Benefits of Owning a Real Reborn Doll

Reborn dolls are made by artists to be incredibly lifelike. They can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and are sculpted to look and feel like a real baby.

Some people buy them for therapeutic reasons, such as those who have suffered miscarriages or lost a child. Others buy them because they simply love them.


Dolls can be fun, educational and even therapeutic for children. They can help kids learn to take care of an animal or to play with others. They can also help them prepare for becoming parents in the future. This is why these lifelike reborn dolls are so popular. They are also a great way to get children involved in family activities.

A reborn doll is a doll that has been painstakingly transformed to make it look like an actual baby. A reborn artist will first remove the original factory paint, and then apply up to 80 layers of skin colored paint, using blue tones to match the realistic undertones Real rebirth doll of a newborn baby. They will also add details such as veining, rosacea, and mottled skin to give the doll a more authentic look. The artist may also open up the nostrils and ears to give the doll a more realistic face.

Reborn dolls are not for everyone, but they can provide a positive outlet for people who need to express their maternal instincts in a safe environment. They can be especially helpful for women who cannot have biological children due to health problems. They can feel a sense of nurturing and motherhood by taking their reborn dolls out for walks, to the park and even on vacations.

Besides being a toy, these lifelike reborn dolls can also be used as a therapy tool for people suffering from anxiety or depression. In fact, several studies have shown that dolls can provide emotional support for patients with these conditions.


The artist who creates these lifelike dolls is known as a reborner. She uses a variety of supplies to give the doll her unique look. She also adds weight to the doll, which makes her feel more real. The process of reborning can take up to 40 hours. The resulting doll is so realistic that some people confuse it for a real baby.

The reborn doll hobby has gained some recent attention, with the American news program 20/20 featuring one reborner and her amazing creations. Nevertheless, the dolls are still controversial. Some people believe that they are a form of child abuse. Others say that they help them cope with the loss of a loved one or infertility issues. However, the truth is that the reborn dolls are beautiful and can serve many purposes for different people.

A humanities PhD student at Concordia University in Montreal, Emilie St Hilaire, has been studying the reborn doll hobby for the past three years. Her research focuses on the question of non-reproductive mothering and relationships with dolls. She says that a popular assumption about the hobby is that it promotes female fantasy of being pregnant. While this is not true, it does raise questions about the nature of reborn dolls. In fact, it is the same myth that inspired the plot of the new Apple TV+ series Servant, in which a bereaved couple treat their doll as a surrogate for their dead child.


Despite their high cost, real reborn dolls offer comfort to their owners. Several studies show that touching an infant or a baby doll triggers a rush of dopamine in the brain, which can help alleviate depression and anxiety. In addition, holding a reborn doll may provide relief from symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. These dolls are also popular among grieving parents, as they can help them deal with their loss.

Many reborn dolls have been specially crafted to look and feel like human babies. Their features include realistic hair, eyes, and skin tone, as well as a weighted body that mimics the feeling of holding a newborn baby. They are also often equipped with systems that simulate breathing and heartbeat. Depending on the artist, these dolls can be quite expensive.

According to reborn artists, their clients come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of them have experienced miscarriages or stillbirths, while others have had a difficult pregnancy. Regardless of their circumstances, they all seek comfort in their reborn babies.

Moreover, reborn dolls can satisfy a collector’s need to play and interact with lifelike toys. They can even become Real rebirth doll companions that fill a void left by children growing up and leaving the house for college or work. Nonetheless, collectors insist that their dolls are not replacements for real children. They see them as a way to externalize their internal emotions and to explore their creativity.


Reborn dolls can help with healing, both emotionally and physically. They are a great tool for people suffering from loss, depression, or anxiety. They can also promote responsibility and empathy in children. These dolls can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth, but they should not be scrubbed because it could damage their paint and coloring.

These dolls are created with silicone, giving them a lifelike feel and look like human skin. Artists, or reborners, painstakingly hand paint them and add details, including blood vessels, to make them even more realistic. They often spend hours working on a single doll, and their results are stunning. Some reborners even have a YouTube channel where they show off their dolls and talk about the process behind them.

Having a reborn doll can be especially helpful for women who have suffered from miscarriage or lost a child. It can also provide comfort to those who are unable to have children due to chronic fertility issues. Many of these women have found comfort in their reborn dolls and use them to cope with grief and anxiety.

Reborn dolls are also used in therapy for autistic children and Alzheimer patients. They are able to trigger positive memories and can prevent agitation in the patient. They can also be used to help the patient remember their own family members, which is especially beneficial for people with dementia.

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