Using an International Freight Company to Expand Your Business

international freight company

Using an International Freight Company to Expand Your Business

Expanding your business to include international shipping is an important step in maximizing your potential. This process involves importing and exporting goods, negotiating rates with carriers, and handling paperwork required for customs clearance. It also involves arranging for storage and insurance.

The most important factor in selecting an international freight company is Reliability. Service and Prices are also important, but they are less influential.


International freight shipping costs are typically higher than domestic prices. This is due to the extra work that goes into handling and preparing cargo for transportation. Some companies also charge additional fees for various services, such as terminal handling charges. These are applicable to both origin and destination terminals and cover the container handling costs at the shipping terminals. Additionally, some carriers will impose a peak season surcharge (PSS) on ocean freight shipments to help cover their increased operational costs.

These rates will increase during popular seasons and around holiday times. This is because shipping demand is at its highest during these periods. Another factor international freight company that increases international freight shipping costs is fuel surcharges. These surcharges are added to the base ocean freight rate. They are not always visible to the customer, but they can significantly increase the cost of shipping.

In addition to these factors, the price of international freight shipping depends on the type of goods and how urgent the shipment is needed. Some products require air freight, while others are suited for sea or land transport. Air freight is transported by cargo planes, while sea and land freight are carried by trucks or trains.

These factors can lead to a significant increase in the cost of international shipping. However, it is still possible to reduce these costs by working with an experienced international freight company.


Shipping goods internationally can be a time-consuming process. It may take weeks or even months for your shipment to reach its final destination, especially if there are any delays. It’s best to work with a freight forwarding company that has experience working with international shipping companies and can minimize the time it takes for your shipment to complete its journey.

Choosing an international freight company requires careful research and due diligence. The right freight forwarder can save you money and reduce the stress of shipping your goods. However, choosing a wrong freight forwarder can cause significant problems with your shipment. Freight forwarders can save you time and money by combining multiple shipping orders to fill containers to capacity. They also cut costs by charging customers only for a fraction of the container space.

As the world becomes smaller, many manufacturers and traders are importing and exporting goods on an international scale. For these businesses, shipping goods internationally is an essential service. Luckily, there are international freight companies that make this process as simple and convenient as possible. International freight company services can include everything from packaging to storing and shipping your products. They can also provide you with access to a digital transportation management system and real-time freight tracking.


Expanding your customer base beyond your local market is an essential step for any growing business. However, international shipping is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge and preparation. Whether your goods are being shipped across the ocean or over land, you need to know about the different laws, policies, and customs of the country where you’re shipping to. Using a freight company with an expert team can help ensure that your goods are shipped properly and pass inspection with ease.

When you choose an international freight company, be sure to check their ratings and reviews to see how helpful they are. The right company will respond to your questions quickly and international freight company make your satisfaction their priority. They will also provide you with multiple options for shipping your goods, and they can take care of the insurance for you.

An experienced international freight forwarder can solve problems before they become serious. They can negotiate with carriers, shippers, and port officials to minimize delays and provide the best service possible. They can also assist with warehousing, customs clearance, and other issues. They can even file a cargo claim in case of loss or damage.


If your goods are transported by air, you should make sure that the freight company takes security measures to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination safely. These measures include tamper-evident packaging and cargo tracking technologies. These measures can help prevent unauthorized intrusion into your shipment, which can occur in various ways, including theft. Freight companies should have a designated security coordinator and implement comprehensive internal safety procedures. In addition, they should provide training to employees on how to identify potential security threats and implement solutions for them.

In addition to these physical protections, air freight companies must also implement a variety of security processes to prevent tampering and fraud. These measures include establishing strict driver identification standards, implementing top security in loading and storage areas, and creating digital safety policies. These measures have been shown to reduce product loss and delivery delays, and they also increase the speed of on-time deliveries.

The security status of air cargo shipments is documented in the AWB (Airway Bill). The security status is identified by a special code and indicates for which transport the freight was secured. In addition, the freight forwarder must verify regulated agents and known consignors against the EU RAKC database and regularly check that they still have this status. This can be done automatically in Scope or manually.

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