Vlisco Super Wax Golden Print Bronzing Fabric

super golden print wax bronzing fabric

Vlisco Super Wax Golden Print Bronzing Fabric

Vlisco’s signature super-wax fabric is given an extra sparkle with these limited edition designs. Each print has the same vibrant duo-colour bubbling effect that defines a Vlisco Super Wax fabric, but with an added shimmer in ultra-shimmering liquid glitter ink.

This special fabric is suitable for African dresses, cultural event clothing & crafts like scarps & head wraps.


The colors of this fabric are vibrant, bright and beautiful. They are a great addition to African dresses, cultural event dresses, wraps and scarps. It can also be used for other crafts like pillows, bags and neck ties. The colors of the fabric are made from natural dyes. This ensures that they are safe to use and won’t damage the skin.

The wax is applied with a brush or a lint-free cloth. It is a good idea to use only a small amount of wax. Too much can build up and harm the patina. The wax must be allowed to dry before buffing.

Vlisco Super Wax is a high-quality cotton fabric with a fine feel that distinguishes it from traditional wax block prints. The print consists of two-toned colors with a bubbling effect.

Printing method

A fabric printing method determines the look of a printed pattern. Printing methods differ based on the type of dye used for the printing process. For example, direct sublimation is a printing method that uses heat to transfer the color directly to the fabric. This method works well on polyester-cotton and polyester-rayon fabrics. It also works well super golden print wax bronzing fabric on wool and other natural fibers. However, it is not as effective on silk and other delicate fabrics.

Another method of printing on fabrics is foil printing, which uses vinyl to create the desired design. This method is often used to create patterns for t-shirts and other clothing. This method has several advantages over other printing techniques, including its ability to produce vibrant colors and a high-quality finished product. It is also less expensive than other printing methods.

Compared to other types of print, super wax prints are known for their bold colors and striking designs. This style of fabric is popular in many parts of Africa and has become a symbol of African pride. It is also highly functional, with its vibrant colours and durable construction.

Super wax prints are influenced by batik, an Indonesian technique of dyeing cloth using wax-resist patterns. The wax prevents the dye from reaching certain areas of the cloth, which is then dipped in different dye colours. This is a time-consuming process that requires skill and patience, but it provides beautiful results.


Vlisco Super Wax Premium is a luxurious, cotton fabric that has a superior fine feel. It features a two-toned colour with a bubbling effect. This makes it unique from wax block prints.

Using high-quality materials ensures that the fabric has excellent strength and durability. Its high pigment concentration and bright colours provide good light resistance. It is suitable for use in a variety of techniques, including wet or dry drawing, rainbow technique, stenciling, impregnation and watercolour. It can also be used in metal engraving, wash drawings and etching.

Sky Wax is a series of rich fabrics with super golden print wax bronzing fabric dark overprint colours that feature classic Wax Hollandais designs. The tonal depths of the colors create a vibrant, lively fabric for every occasion. Its new mother-of-pearl embellishment beautifully activates when you ripple the fabric. It glows iridescently from different angles. In addition, the pearls are embedded in a special ceramic fluid called slurry, which is used to make the overprint colour. This is a process that takes about eight dips, each one adding thickness and strength to the final product.


For all artistic applications – wet or dry drawing on various surfaces, rainbow techniques, stenciling, steel engraving and impregnation. It is recommended that you wash the surface of bronze sculpture regularly to remove any loosened patina. It is also advisable to rinse the sculpture in areas that hold water such as low lying textured areas. After rinsing, it is important that the bronze surface be completely dry before waxing.

Apply a thin coat of wax with your fingers, sponge, brushes or lint-free rags. Be careful not to over coat the surface as this can cause a wax build-up that may damage the patina. After the wax has dried, gently buff the bronze with a soft cloth until it has a smooth shine. This should be done on all large, smooth areas of the sculpture.

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