Oil Mist Purifier


Oil Mist Purifier

The use of metalworking fluids generates oil mist that is easily inhaled. Constant exposure to mineral oil mist may lead to serious symptoms like asthma, bronchitis and lung damage.

A mist collector prevents oil from smothering your machines, which may slow down their performance and can result in internal electrical system failure. It also reduces maintenance frequency and saves money through reduced need for replacement components and technician visits.

Health & Safety

Oil mist has many negative impacts if not properly detected, filtered and eliminated. It affects human health by causing respiratory irritation and can also lead to a range of other health problems like skin rashes, itching, headaches and even cancers. It can damage machinery by corroding sensitive electronics and can cause bacteria and mold growth leading to high maintenance costs.

Metalworking fluids are a necessary part of manufacturing but they create a dangerous aerosol that can pose significant risks to people and equipment. The most immediate danger is the fact that oil mist creates a sticky, slippery film on floors and surfaces, leading to slip-and-fall hazards. The oil mist can also contain chemicals that irritate the eyes, nose and throat and can lead to respiratory problems if inhaled.

The best way to prevent these issues is to install an oil mist removal system. These systems are specially designed to filter out the harmful airborne oil mist and vapors that are produced by CNC machines. They can be installed on individual machines or in a centralized location to suit your needs. They combine a fan, oil mist filters and extraction to remove dangerous toxins from the air and protect your staff, equipment and facility. They can also reduce the amount of cleanup needed after each machine. The system is easy to use and can be adjusted to your specific process requirements.


The use of metal working fluids is an essential process in nearly all OIL MIST PURIFIER manufacturing environments to cool and lubricate equipment and parts. However, when these fluids evaporate they create harmful oil mist or oil smoke that is emitted into the air and can be breathed in by workers. Oil mist is not only unhealthy to breathe but can also damage machines if it settles on them. It can also cause slippery floors and surfaces making a workshop untidy, unsafe and potentially dangerous.

An effective solution to this problem is an industrial air filtration system that can extract the contaminated air at its source, separate the oil mist from the air and then return clean air back into the machine shop. This type of system can be mounted directly onto the machine or placed elsewhere within the workshop.

Our range of filtration systems is designed to reduce emissions while improving the quality of your workspace and enhancing operational performance. Our industrial mist extraction systems can be used on a wide variety of machine tools including CNC equipment, welding machines and grinding units.


The main reason for oil mist filtration in industrial shops with CNC and other machines is to keep the workshop clean and production at full speed. Leaving oil mist and dust in the air will cause it to settle on machinery, sensitive electronics and work areas. It causes health problems for the machine operators and can also damage the machines themselves.

Almost all metal machining operations create some level of oil mist. Oil mist is a aerosol containing minuscule amounts of oil that vaporizes and condenses in the air, just like dust and smoke. It causes skin irritation and slipping hazards, harms the electronics in modern metalworking machines and leads to an overall unclean environment where equipment and products are coated with a thin film of oil.

An oil mist filter collects the oil in the air, separates the clean air and dries the captured oil. There are different types of collectors available, and each has a specific set of features. The most effective ones are called coalescing separators, which use a special filter medium that allows the collected oil to drain by gravity and grow in the fiber intersections. The filtered air is then returned to the workshop. The filter must be capable of separating the different byproducts (dust, smoke, metal scale and oil), and should prevent the exhaust of harmful chemicals.


Oil mist is a dangerous air pollutant and can cause health problems for workers. It also damages machinery and products by leaving a film of oil on surfaces. The best way to protect your workers is with an oil mist removal system.

Our mist recovery air purifier is designed to extract contaminated air at its source, separate oil mist particles and then return clean air back into the workshop. This allows for maximum productivity and a safe working environment.

The machine’s filtration is built with a stainless-steel woven mesh. This can prevent OIL MIST PURIFIER iron chips from entering the system, and this will reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency. The filter layer is also easily removed and cleaned, allowing for convenient and cost-effective maintenance.

Our mist eliminator’s innovative design uses a 3D impact separation process to collect up to 70% of the oil molecules from the breathable air, and returning pure air back into the workplace. This eliminates the need for windows or shop doors to be opened, which in turn decreases heating and cooling expenses. Moreover, our systems can help you save on the cost of filters and maintenance by reducing downtime. Our washable filters can be cleaned in a parts washer, which makes cleaning a fast and easy task that can be done without any downtime. This makes it a better choice compared to a traditional oil mist separator that requires disassembly and cleaning on a set schedule every six months.

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