Advertising PP Hand Fan

Advertising pp hand fan

Advertising PP Hand Fan

Help your customers and attendees keep cool at outdoor promotional events with custom hand fans. With plenty of room for your logo and important message, these promotional items are popular at church gatherings, weddings, fundraisers, and company picnics.

Advertising pp hand fan is made of a high quality plastic material. It is foldable and has a large printing area, and can be printed with one color or full colors.


Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, hand fans went from their origins as elegantly crafted objects with ornamental functions to become mass-produced promotional tools. Taking on advertising and commemorative roles, they found popularity with beverage and food companies, retail stores, funeral parlors and mortuaries, and other businesses with local or national appeal.

Many of these fans are shaped like shields with a vignette on one side and an advertisement or message on the other. Several have text printed in different languages, such as French, German, or Italian, as well as English.

In the late nineteenth century, many people began collecting advertising hand fans, a hobby that continues today. Collectors focus on a particular era, subject, or type Advertising pp hand fan of fan; examples include world’s fair, WWI, dance, feather, 19th century, Art Deco, erotic, and mourning fans.

Advertising hand fans are important to a history of American culture and commerce. They exemplify cross-cultural exchange, the importance of railroads for westward expansion, and a cultural fascination with Japan and Asia. The use of a Japanese-style fan as an advertising tool for the Burlington Railroad demonstrates this broader context of Western commodification of Asian aesthetics and culture. In addition to their utilitarian function, these fans are aesthetically pleasing objects with a variety of colors and designs that add to their beauty.


Hand fans are a popular promotional item in spring and summer, where they can be used to cool people down. They are useful and attractive, and can be imprinted with a logo or message. They can be made in any shape and size, and both one color and full color printing are available. They can be combined with personalised caps or straw hats to create a stylish look, and they can be used at parties, festivals and other events. They reflect cross-cultural exchange and a Western fascination with “exotic” Asia, as well as the commodification of Asian aesthetics. These factors make them a unique marketing tool.


Hand fans are a great way to show your logo and brand name at outdoor events, such as political rallies and sporting games. They also make excellent party favors at weddings and company picnics. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them can even be custom die-cut to match your event theme or message. Others feature a large position to print full color images and text.

The materials used to create hand fans vary, depending on the style of fan you are purchasing. For example, some fans feature an ombre effect, with a shade that changes from dark to light. Other designs may have a floral pattern. Regardless of the material, a good quality hand fan should be durable and withstand repeated use.

In the past, fans were a common item for women to carry with them, both as a fashion accessory and a tool for writing. They were often Advertising pp hand fan adorned with a family crest or the symbol of a particular dynasty. They were also used to write theater and dance programs and serve as a convenient place to keep notes for future reference.

In the nineteenth century, Western companies drew on Japonisme and America’s cultural fascination with “exotic” Asia to market their products and services. The Burlington Railroad, for example, offered Japanese-style fans as an advertisement, demonstrating its commitment to global exchange and improving world trade.


With its large printing area, the Advertising pp hand fan is an excellent promotional product that can be imprinted with your logo or any other information you want to deliver to your customers. It can be printed with one color or full colors as your requirement. It is a practical item that your customers will keep as a souvenir. It can also make a wonderful gift for special occasions. This round plastic hand fan is available in a variety of shapes and materials.

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