9d Virtual Reality Cinema

9d virtual reality cinema

9d Virtual Reality Cinema

9d virtual reality cinema is a new generation of dynamic experience. It will help you achieve greater profits than traditional forms of entertainment.

6 seats high-profit VR cinema, cool tank appearance design, attract player, can earn money fast. It supports more than 100 pcs films, sweep leg, jet and vibration special effects.

Easyfun 9D VR Egg Cinema

9d VR cinema is a dynamic experience virtual reality platform. It includes (VR) glasses, dynamic special effects platform and 9d films. It uses advanced technology to create an immersive and interactive environment that is based on a combination of real-life scenes and computer generated images. Its technology is similar to 5d/7d cinema but it is much more realistic.

It can be installed in shopping malls, amusement parks, theme park, indoor playground, and game center. It is the latest and most attractive technology and people will rush to experience it. It also breaks the limit between virtual and real world and takes viewers on a ride that is truly amazing.

The 2 chairs 9d vr egg cinema uses 3 Dof electric servo 9d virtual reality cinema motor system and can run a variety of VR movies. It can play Horror, Thriller, Cartoon, Race Movies and more. It can have 360deg rotation and is fully immersive.

The new VR egg seat simulator has 5 special effects including ear wind, back pushing, butt vibration, face spray air and sweeping legs. It is equipped with a high quality HI-FI speaker for excellent sound effects. It can create a more realistic experience from hearing, vision, touch and other sensory perceptions. It is also easy to install and maintain. It is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to enjoy the thrills of VR games and movies.

Easyfun 9D VR Spaceship

Designed like a spaceship, this VR cinema has a cool black appearance and can be equipped with 6 seats. It can play multiple movies at the same time and earn more money than 5D/7D cinema. It is a high-profit VR simulation equipment and can be used for young and old entertainment.

9D VR Cinema is a new virtual reality simulator experience which uses immersive technology to bring you a different and exciting world. It can use VR glasses to show you 360 degree movies and connects them with the motion seats to make you feel as if you are in the movie itself. It can break the limit of virtual and real world and take you to an amazing adventure.

Guangzhou Easyfun Animation Technology Co.,Ltd is a professoal manufacturer of 5d 7d cinema 9d VR cinema equipments, VR walker, VR racing car and Kid VR. We have a strong development team and a large production line, which ensures the best quality of our products. Besides, our professional after-sales service can help you solve any problem in a short time. We look forward to your cooperation!

Easyfun 9D VR 6 Seats

Guangzhou Easyfun Animation Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of 5d 7d 9d 12d XD cinema, vitual reality simulators and outdoor playground rides. With many years of experience in the industry, our products are widely used in shopping center, amusement park, supermarket, indoor playground and game centers. Our team is dedicated to producing high-quality products that meet international standards.

The VR cinema is a new style of entertainment that uses virtual reality to bring viewers into the story. This immersive experience can be a great 9d virtual reality cinema way to entertain both young and old. This kind of attraction is gaining popularity in China, with more and more people deciding to invest in one.

VART VR Family (6 Seats) is a coolest VR Cinema with the latest spaceship model. It is 100% suitable for young and old entertainment and provides a new type of immersive experience. Its powerful 6 Dof Motion Platform can improve the VR game experience to a higher level. In addition, it can attract more people and generate high income.

Easyfun 9D VR 2 Chairs

Easyfun 9D VR 2 Chairs is the most advanced virtual reality experience available. The comfortable headset delivers views in every direction, while hi-fi amp driven speakers deliver full surround sound. The dynamic effects include leg sweeps, back pokes and seat vibrations, which can be triggered at just the right moment to make the experience truly realistic.

With simple work, 9d VR cinema is popular in the whole China, you can find it in shopping center, amusement park, supermarket, indoor playground, and game center etc.

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