Illuminated Snap Frame Light Boxes

Snap Frame Light Box

Illuminated Snap Frame Light Boxes

Illuminated snap frame light boxes are easy to use and install. These frames come with installation hardware and are able to be installed by your employees or staff without needing any special tools.

This slim LED light box has a thin 1″ profile and a snap front that allows for quick graphic changes. The diffuser panel ensures even brightness and illumination for your message to shine through.

Easy to Change Graphics

If you have to regularly change your backlit graphics on a large light box, you need a quick, easy-to-use solution. This LED snap frame utilizes a front-loading method that lets you easily replace your poster or other graphic without removing it from the wall. The metal frame rails snap open, allowing you to slide in your backlit graphics or signage. Then, you can simply snap the frame edges closed again. The result is a bright, backlit display that grabs attention and dramatically enhances your design.

These wall mounted illuminated displays also make great point-of-purchase (POP) fixtures for retail stores, corporate facilities, museums, galleries, or any other indoor location where you need to highlight your message. Using an LED module, these light boxes use up to 75% Snap Frame Light Box less energy than traditional fluorescent backlit lightboxes and last 10 times longer.

The aluminum frames are lightweight and anodized for a long lasting finish. The frame edges are precision mitered for an elegant appearance. They can be wall-mounted vertically or horizontally with the included hardware and stand offs.

There are a few different types of LED lightboxes available from 40 VISUALS, including SEG frames and snap frame Duratrans light boxes. SEG frames do not have the option to be front loaded with graphics, but they are more rigid than snap frame frames and have a smaller profile. The SEG frame has a silicone strip that slots into a channel around the edge of the frame extrusion.


Whether you need to change out signage for your restaurant or automobile dealership, a Snap Frame Light Box is an excellent choice. These durable LED displays use a unique technology to illuminate graphics and signs brilliantly, and their flat designs are ideal for most advertising needs. They’re also easy to install and swap out, making them a great option for businesses that change out their marketing materials frequently.

These snap open light boxes feature classic mitered corners and silver lighted picture frame rails that easily slide open, allowing you to front load your graphic. The recessed backlit LED lighting system shines through an etched matrix in the acrylic panel to highlight your poster and sign. They’re UL approved and can be wall mounted vertically or horizontally. They’re the perfect signage solution for restaurants, trade shows, movie theaters, car dealerships and transit stations.

Unlike hinged frames that require complex installation instructions and special tools, these lightboxes are simple and contemporary. The four rails that make up the frame profile snap open allowing you to easily insert a new poster or sign. They then snap shut, creating a sleek, attractive lightbox display case that looks like an oversized poster framed with glass. The result is a clean, contemporary look that won’t distract from your artwork or message. These lightboxes are also very low maintenance and meet ADA compliance regulations for public spaces.

Easy to Install

This 24 x 36 LED light box is easy to install, with an open and close snap-open design. It is a popular choice for large volume exterior signage projects for retail stores, corporate facilities, hotels, restaurants, museums and other commercial businesses that need to easily change posters or graphics. Its low profile and durable silver anodized finish make it a smart signage solution for many interior or exterior display applications.

Illuminated snap frames are also popular with retailers for promoting sales and promotions. They’re a cost-effective way to draw attention to new products or announce special events. These LED lighted poster displays are energy efficient, long-lasting, and provide brighter lighting than traditional tube-rated light boxes.

These wall-mounted, lighted snap frames feature a thin etched acrylic panel that’s illuminated by small LED light bulbs. They offer a sleek, contemporary look that’s popular with customers in airports and malls. They also come in a range of standard sizes and are CSA/UL approved for public areas.

These slim LED light boxes are designed for movie posters and can protect them from regular wear-and-tear. They’re also a great option for cell phone stores and other high-traffic areas. A good quality LED light box will have a thicker aluminum snap frame and cast acylic with later engraved lighting guide gutter. Cheaper LED light boxes use screen printing reflect sheet, which will fade and reduce the brightness over time.


Snap Frame Light Box is an excellent tool for showcasing posters, signs, photography, advertising, and other graphic displays. These LED edge-lit frames come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for many different types of indoor locations. They are available in both portrait and landscape orientations and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The edge-lit LED strip illuminates the etched acrylic panel to brightly showcase your graphics and enhance the overall display.

These lighted sign frames are a great way to grab the attention of customers and passersby. They can be used in any type of business, including retail stores, shopping malls, banks and Snap Frame Light Box credit unions, hospitals, and even automotive showrooms. They are also a great solution for restaurants and hotels, as well as photography studios.

There are two main types of backlit snap frame light boxes: edge-lit and backlit. The former uses light bulbs around the edges of the frame to make posters and other images stand out, while the latter has a diffuser panel that spreads the lights more evenly. This makes them better for large posters and pictures.

Both types of lighted sign frames are made in the USA and feature classic mitered corners. They are designed with durable aluminum and use an energy-efficient LED light module. They can save up to 80% energy compared with traditional fluorescent lighting and have a much longer life expectancy.

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