LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars are a great addition to your vehicle, especially if you frequently drive offroad. They help you see the road ahead and announce your presence to other drivers.

The OnX and Stealth light bars from Rigid Industries are known for their durability. Their lights have been sawed, crushed, shot, and frozen – all without losing functionality.


When it comes to buying a LED Light Bar, you have to consider many factors. Some of these are the brightness, size, color, and beam pattern. You should also look at the durability of the product. Moreover, you should make sure that it has a warranty and is waterproof.

The best way to find the right LED light bar is to choose one that meets your needs. To do this, you should make a list of features that are important to you and prioritize them. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to start shopping!

LED light bars are very bright, so it is important to check how much power they consume. You should be able to tell this by looking at the circuit board and checking for current draw. Most light bars have 330O or 150O resistors in-line with each LED to limit the current running through the circuit. You can also add a switch in-line with the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ wires of your LED light bar to control the brightness. This is a great option for anyone who wants to get the most out of their lights.


Having the right color for LED light bars is essential. This is because the color of your lights will have a big impact on how visible you are when driving at night. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right color for your LED light bar. For example, white light is the brightest option while amber and red lights are often used by emergency vehicles to help drivers see in poor visibility conditions.

Another important factor to consider is the amount of power a LED light bar consumes. This is usually measured in wattage. A higher wattage value means more brightness. However, it is important to remember that the wattage of an LED light bar can vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of bulbs used.

In addition, it is a good idea to look for LED light bars that are weather resistant. This is because off-road driving can involve harsh environments such as dusty, cold and wet conditions. LED light bars that are durable will be LED Light Bars able to withstand these conditions and will continue to function well.


For any user of LED light bars – whether it be for personal use, or even as a tool for their emergency service department – it is vital to have a full understanding of what comprises a reliable LED bar. Getting to know the components of the best LED lights will allow you to filter your purchasing options appropriately and ensure that you are buying quality equipment from a respected supplier.

There are many different types of LED light bars, including spot, flood, and combination beam patterns. Some LED Light Bars manufacturers also offer different colors of LEDs, which can also have specific advantages depending on how and where you plan to use the LED light bar.

Another important consideration is the durability of an LED light bar. You want a product that can stand up to the elements and keep working for years to come. Be sure to look at the manufacturer’s warranty information and compare it to other brands. A longer warranty may be a sign that the company is more willing to stand behind their product.


While it may seem obvious, you’ll want to find a LED light bar that is waterproof, especially if you plan on using the lights for off-road driving or in other harsh environments. It’s also a good idea to choose a model that is resistant to changing temperatures, as snow and ice are common in mountainous areas.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for an LED light bar is the beam pattern. Most light bars offer either a spot beam pattern, flood beam pattern, or combination of both. Spot beam patterns are narrower but reach far, while flood patterns provide a wider area of illumination.

Many companies that sell light bars are not actually manufactures; instead, they’re “assemblers,” which means that they buy major bulk components from a manufacturer, then assemble and package them for sale. This can lead to subpar quality, which is why it’s important to find a company that has an established reputation for making high-quality products. This way, you can be confident that your new LED light bar will perform well for a long time to come.


The wiring of LED Light Bars is a simple process, as long as you understand the voltage and current requirements. A multimeter is a valuable tool for testing the continuity and resistance of your wire connections, as well as ensuring that they’re properly secured with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.

First, strip the wire pigtails on the LED light bar using a wire stripper, and attach appropriate connectors. You’ll need ring terminals for connecting to the power source and quick-disconnect connectors for connecting to the switch. You’ll also need a piece of wire to ground the LED light bar to your vehicle chassis.

Connect the red wire to the positive power source terminal, such as the battery or fuse box, and the black wire to the input terminal of the switch. The switch allows you to control the different lighting modes of the LED light bar. The white wire should be connected to a clean, unpainted metal chassis component or designated grounding point. It will provide a safe and efficient grounding connection. It is important to remember that the cathode and anode of an LED are often not labeled, so be careful when connecting to these terminals. The cathode points vertically into the bulb, while the anode points horizontally.

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