The Benefits of Heavy Duty Led Light

Heavy Duty Led Light

The Benefits of Heavy Duty Led Light

Lighting is a necessary component of any business. Unlike other business necessities, however, lighting comes with additional ongoing costs that can add up quickly.

This Heavy Duty LED strip contains 15 to 75 high-intensity, super-bright 5050 tri-chip LEDs per foot. Each strip is encased in industrial grade PVC with 1.2mm of 3M(r) VHB tape affixed to the back.


LED lights function without variation in light output or durability in high and low temperatures, making them ideal for harsh, outdoor environments. They are also free of toxic chemicals like mercury used in fluorescent bulbs, which pose a significant safety risk if they are disposed of improperly.

These heavy-duty LED string lights are made for the outdoors with a 48-foot UL listed cable and 18 1-watt S14 LED bulbs included (15+3 free). UL rated and dimmer compatible, these lights can be connected end to end. The durable rubber casing is waterproof and withstands extreme hot or cold, summer and winter.

While some manufacturers advertise their products based on theoretical lumens, this number doesn’t mean much when it comes to practical lighting. What really matters is how long the bulb will last before it starts to dim significantly. To determine this, a standard known as LM80 was developed, which dictates the primary method for testing LED longevity. It involves testing samples over a series of temperatures and drive currents, then measuring the changes in light output over 10,000 hours. Based on this data, a mathematical algorithm extrapolates the life expectancy of Heavy Duty Led Light the bulb and publishes it as the “LM-80” value. This is the metric that should be displayed on all LED light specifications sheets and warranties. The longer the life expectancy of a LED bulb, the lower the cost per hour of operation.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of Heavy Duty Led Light is one of the most attractive features of this type of lighting. This is because LEDs use less energy than traditional bulbs and they last a long time, saving money on energy bills and cutting down on the need for regular replacements.

Unlike older bulbs, LEDs lose only 5% of their energy to heat. The rest is converted into light, which means you’re getting the most out of every watt you spend on electricity. This is a major benefit for any business, but especially those in industries that depend on high volumes of activity, such as warehousing and industrial manufacturing.

Another way that LEDs are more efficient is in their cooling systems. They use heat sinks to absorb excess heat and disperse it safely away from the diodes. This keeps the temperature of the bulbs low, so they don’t overheat and burn out. It also makes them safer for use in heat-sensitive environments like displaying artwork, which can be damaged by heat.

LED bulbs can be found in a variety of shapes and temperatures to suit any fixture, including dimmable candelabras and bright spotlights. You can find them in many stores or on Georgia Power Marketplace. Be sure to check that the bulb has an FCC symbol, which indicates it’s compliant with federal regulations for electromagnetic interference. This can protect employees and customers from accidental shocks during routine operation or during cleanup.

Long Lifespan

Heavy duty lights are designed to last, especially in rugged work environments. This is a crucial factor for equipment operators who are working under intense heat, vibration and shock on job sites. APS supplies only the best LED lights for trucks, work vehicles and off road machines, designed to withstand these kinds of conditions and come with a warranty.

A common trait of LED lights is that they do not degrade in brightness over time, unlike traditional bulbs which can lose up to 30% of their original light output near the end of their rated lifespan. This makes them a very attractive lighting solution for heavy equipment machinery.

The actual light source in an LED Heavy Duty Led Light lamp is the semiconductor light emitting diode (LED) itself, which can have a lifetime up to 100,000 hours under the right operating conditions. The LEDs are housed in a package that absorbs the heat from the LEDs and dissipates it into the surrounding air. Without this thermal management, the LEDs would overheat and burn out prematurely.

The power supply is another component that can have a significant impact on the lifetime of an LED strip. A reputable power supply will publish a mean-time-before-failure metric, which can provide a good sense of how long you can expect the product to last.

Low Maintenance

Lighting is an integral component of most industrial equipment. The equipment is often used in harsh and hazardous environments where the luminaires must be resistant to corrosive chemicals, oily residue, dust, vibration and other environmental factors. These heavy duty LED lights are designed to withstand these conditions and require little or no maintenance. They are also easy to install and come in a variety of configurations to suit all types of equipment.

Unlike traditional metal halide (MH) or incandescent lights, the electronics in these work lights are sealed within a solid housing which protects against moisture and dust. This reduces heat stress and extends the life of the components. Additionally, the connectors are made from corrosion-resistant materials to reduce downtime and repair costs.

The durable, low-maintenance design of these work lights helps reduce the cost and risk associated with replacing bulbs, ballasts, and drivers. These lights are ideal for use on a range of vehicles and equipment, including excavators, loaders, front-loaders, backhoes and other construction equipment. They can be mounted on the side of a truck bed or in a tool box compartment and are suitable for use in hazardous locations.

Whether you’re working in a garage, maintenance pit or on a piece of heavy machinery, a quality light is essential to improving productivity and safety. One minute of unplanned downtime can cost a business thousands of Euros1. Make sure your tractors and trailers are fitted with premium LED lighting solutions that are built to withstand the toughest industrial environments.

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