Disposable Bath Towels

Disposable Bath Towels

Disposable Bath Towels

Unlike traditional towels that need to be washed frequently, our disposable bath towels are hygienically designed for single-use. They help protect from bacteria, germs and viruses.

These disposable towels are bleach-free, dye-free and eco friendly. They are perfect for hair salons, spa centers and hotels.

They are also ideal for remedial abatement, rental shower trailers and oil/mining/manufacturing.

Hand Towels

Hand towels are commonly used in bathrooms as a way to provide guests with a quick and easy means to dry their hands. These small towels can be found in a wide variety of colors, textures and sizes to meet the needs of virtually any facility. In many cases, a hand towel will be adorned with a design or text in order to provide more of a decorative touch to the lavatory.

Washing one’s hands is a critical element in the fight against infection. Choosing the right hand towel and dispenser can be vital in reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Roll towel dispensers are recommended for high traffic areas where guests may come in contact with a large number of bacteria. These systems offer a hand-free option and have higher capacity than folded towels. Additionally, some systems feature stub rolls that allow a partially consumed roll to continue being dispensed while a new roll is prepared and ready for use.

Face Towels

Face towels are used to wash the eyes, ear and mouth and can also be utilized as baby wipes. They are hygienically designed products that help prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. Face towels are soft on the skin and absorb water five times more than cotton towels. They are also reusable and biodegradable. These towels are commonly used in hotels, pensions, barber and beauty salons, spas, travels and restaurants.

A regular bath towel can quickly become contaminated with unwanted bacteria. This can then transfer to your face causing acne and other irritations. For this reason, it is recommended to change your face towel every two days. A fresh and clean face cloth will leave your skin healthy, refreshed and beautiful. This is particularly important for oily or sensitive skin types. These disposable face towels are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors.

Foot Towels

Foot towels are a bathing accessory designed to prevent people from slipping on the wet floor when they stand up after taking Disposable Bath Towels a shower or bath. These towels are available in a wide variety of sizes, fabrics and colors to suit every taste and bathroom.

These towels are typically made from bamboo or a similar fabric, which means they have antimicrobial properties that fight germs. It’s these microscopic pathogens that cause odor, mildew and other nasty problems in cotton towels that sit on the floor or hang in a moist bathroom for days. The germ-fighting properties in bamboo towels help to keep them smelling fresh and hygienic.

These types of towels are commonly used in hospitals, hotels, spa centers, gyms and beauty salons because they’re so light, convenient and easy to use. They’re also ideal for travel, homes and picnics as they don’t take up much space or weight and are very portable.

Disposable Gym Towels

For gyms, workout centers and other fitness facilities, towels are an essential tool for maintaining hygienic standards. Providing fresh and clean towels to members helps ensure that they wipe down equipment before and after use and prevents bacteria from being transferred to their skin or clothing.

While it may be tempting to offer sanitizing wipes or paper towels, these alternatives can contribute to landfill waste and extra trash in your facility and deter prospective gym goers from choosing your business over others. Offering reusable, regularly laundered gym towels is the most eco-friendly option and allows you to provide your customers with a luxury experience.

Our microfiber gym towels are made from high-quality materials that absorb sweat without getting soggy. They Disposable Bath Towels are lightweight, compact and easy to carry, making them the perfect choice for gyms and workout centers. These towels are available in six sizes and 11 color options to suit any customer’s needs.

Disposable Car Drying Towels

Designed specifically to dry cars without scratching them, microfiber car drying towels are a must-have for anyone who regularly washes and cares for their vehicles. These towels are made from lint-free, absorbent microfiber material that’s gentle on vehicle surfaces and safe for all types of paint.

The best disposable towels for cars feature a high GSM (grams per square meter), which means they’re dense and softer than regular towels. Their soft, absorbent material is also great for buffing, soaking up, and other tasks that require a premium towel.

If you want a microfiber car drying towel that can do it all, consider getting a PuffedDRY microfiber dry towel. It has a lower weight, shorter hair, and a waffle shape that’s easy to work with on sensitive paint jobs without touching the body of the car. It’s also less likely to leave unsightly swirl marks on the paint.

Disposable Cat/Dog Towels

Designed to meet the needs of pet owners, this pet towel is super-absorbent and helps save time drying dogs and cats. Its pet-friendly microfiber material is lightweight and dries quickly. It’s also a great option for wiping away water, mud, salt, and snow, as well as cleaning cages or crates.

Use it to dry your dog after a bath or swim, and as a travel towel for trips to the beach or rainy walks. It can even be used as a blanket to keep pets warm while grooming or traveling, and it’s a great way to keep paws clean and free from dirt on trips to the park.

To disinfect, wipe down the towel with an EPA-registered disinfectant solution and leave it on for the amount of time recommended on the label. Then rinse and let it dry completely before letting your pet use it again.

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