LED Lighted Snap Frame Light Box

Snap Frame Light Box

LED Lighted Snap Frame Light Box

Illuminated snap frames are a simple and cost-effective way to display posters, signage, photography, advertising and graphics. They come in an array of standard sizes and a choice of popular satin silver or brushed black finishes.

The patented design of these lighted snap frame displays make graphic changes easy. All rails on the front of the frame profile slide open to front load your poster and snap shut.

Easy to Change Graphics

The LED Lighted Snap Frame is a versatile wall display that lets you change advertising material quickly without tools. These display frames are UL approved and designed for indoor applications. They also feature a dimmer switch with several modes to suit your interior environment. They also provide a pleasing brilliant white light at 5000K/3,000 Lux with an energy savings of up to 80% compared to fluorescent bulb lighting.

The snap frame LED light box is an excellent framing solution for oversized printed graphics used in signage, marketing campaigns and product or service announcements. These light boxes are ideal for retail environments, medical facilities and other high traffic locations. They can also be found in restaurants, sports and entertainment venues, art studios, hotels and casinos. The aluminum snap frame LED lightboxes are easy to install, and they offer a sleek appearance that appeals to many customers.

Less than 1″ deep, the sleek and contemporary LED lightboxes utilize new edge-lit technology to brighten and bring your graphics, posters, photography or advertisements to life while grabbing your audience’s attention. The metal lightbox display panels have an LED diffusing panel fixed to the edge. They have low voltage requirements and can be wall mounted (indoors) where there’s access to a regular electrical outlet.

The fast change poster snap frames, sometimes referred to as flip-up frames, slide open by hand and snap shut. They easily accept posters, signs, maps and other graphics mounted on 1/4″ thick rigid boards like styrene or art-board. Simply front load your board, then snap the aluminum frame rails closed.


Easily change your posters and flyers with this UL approved edge-lit snap frame light box. It features four rails making up the frame that snap open, allowing you to insert a new graphic without the need for complicated installation instructions or special tools. It’s a simple and convenient way to display marketing content in locations like retail environments, medical facilities, airports and more.

These backlit snap frames are made of a high-quality cast acrylic with a silver back-printed illuminated film material. They come with a break-resistant lens to reduce glare and shield the graphic from dust and dirt. They also use LED bulbs that consume less electricity than traditional florescent back-lit light boxes. This helps you save money on energy costs while still enjoying the same bright illumination your customers expect.

You can select from a range of sizes to best suit your environment. Some frames can even be purchased in a custom Snap Frame Light Box size to fit your specific wall space. These snap frames feature a modern look with sleek hinged doors that close and lock securely into place when not in use. This eliminates visual hardware distractions from your illuminated poster display case, allowing your poster to stand out in any space.

Snap frame light boxes are highly durable and offer a long lifespan for your marketing displays. They’re a popular choice for businesses across all industries to showcase their products, services and messages. They’re a great Snap Frame Light Box way to grab the attention of your customers and help them make an informed buying decision.


The Cosuntech ultra-thin snap LED light box is designed to conserve energy and save you money in the long run. It has a LED guide panel that is covered by an aluminum frame and is UL certificated to ensure safety. It uses laser-dot technology to produce illumination, and its low-power consumption and energy efficiency make it a perfect choice for retail applications.

Illuminated snap frames are ideal for displaying large posters, graphics and photography in indoor environments. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your specific signage requirements. They are easy to install and can be done without the need for special tools. The front of the display frame snaps open, making it simple to change the graphic. The silver frame rails are durable and can withstand heavy use.

Unlike florescent backlit light boxes, these illuminated snap frames require no bulbs to replace. They also consume up to 80% less power and last five times longer than standard fluorescent light panels. They are a great option for any environment where you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The 24 x 36 LED lightbox snap frame is one of the most popular types of illuminated signage displays. Its sleek profile allows you to hang your posters or advertisements in a high-profile location without blocking the view of passersby. The LED poster lightbox can also be wall-mounted and is available in both landscape and portrait orientations.


The sleek, modern LED light box snap frame is an excellent choice for businesses that need to advertise their products or services in a bright, eye-catching way. The edge-lit LED display is more efficient than traditional tube-rated poster frames and requires less electricity to operate. Additionally, it has a longer life span than traditional frame displays.

This smart lightbox displays posters, graphics, photography and other signage in any indoor space. It’s easy to mount on walls and takes up very little room in any location. The aluminum wall-mount snap frame comes with a PETG anti-glare front panel and features an open design that allows you to easily change your graphics and signage.

It has built in LED bulbs that illuminate your custom printed gloss polyester backlit film material for stunning visual appeal. This state-of-the-art lightbox display is one of the most impressive artwork displays you can hang in your business, retail store or home. The frame and backlit film material install easily by opening up the silver snapping frame rails.

This 22×28 smart lightbox is made from an all-aluminum, weatherproof snap frame that is durable and safe for outdoor use. It’s also a great choice for high traffic areas, as it has a locking feature that helps prevent tampering by unauthorized individuals. The frame has classic mitered corners and a silver finish that is highly desirable for many exterior environments.

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