Acoustic Ceiling Wood Systems From Unika Vaev

Acoustic Ceiling Wood Systems From Unika Vaev

Acoustical ceilings are a popular way to dramatically change the look of a space while dampening noise. They come in a wide variety of textures and colors to suit any space.

The acoustic ceiling wood is an ideal solution for concert halls, auditoriums and theatres that require excellent sonority. But they are also great for boardrooms and offices.

SoftGrid(r) Switch

The SoftGrid Switch system combines a powerful mix of ceiling and wall elements to deliver maximum impact, versatility, and functionality. Using modular building blocks, the system is easy to install and able to be scaled to any project. It’s a unique acoustic ceiling system that fuses visual expression and performance.

The SoundAngle ceiling system’s angled faces make it easy to add geometric dimensionality and disrupt the transmission of noise throughout a room. It’s a scalable way to reduce reverberation and can be acoustic ceiling wood combined with other system modules to create a dynamic architectural field.

Arktura’s Particle micro-perforated ceiling and wall panel system makes it simple to create a visual landscape that is both subtle and complex. Choose from a wide variety of pattern options and add depth with sound attenuating non-woven acoustic fabric or transparency with light-transmitting frosted polycarbonate backers. Add available options and accessories, like Arktura’s integrated InLine and Backlight illumination, and you have a ceiling or wall system that is sure to wow.

SoftGrid(r) Flux

The SoftGrid(r) Flux combines sound attenuation and beautifully intricate detailing in a scalable design. Its detailed fin layout and soft, wood-like aesthetic reduce noise from ringing, typing, and chatter to create a comfortable and productive work environment. Choose from a variety of color options to accent fins and complement your space. For larger jobs, you can now add a second Duo Tone finish option to select styles for even greater customization.

SkyLine’s acoustic ceiling modules are designed to look like an inverted skyline. They can connect to form an entire field of cityscape or be shortened into smaller “city blocks” for a more focused design.

Delta Drop(r) 4×4

Delta Drop(r) is a suspended ceiling system that can be used to support lighting, air diffusers and other fixtures. It can also be used with Unika Vaev’s Ecoustic(r) Sculpt(r) acoustical tile to create dramatic sculptural designs. It is designed to work with existing 9/16th (15mm) and 15/16th (24mm) grid types, and it works acoustic ceiling wood with both wood joists and steel bar joists. The main runners provide direct support for the cross runners and can also support light fixtures.

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