Backlit Fabric Light Box Displays

Backlit Fabric Light Box Displays

Backlit Fabric Light Box Displays are a beautiful solution for displaying your graphics in high-end environments. They are commonly seen in exhibitions and trade shows, corporate offices and homes.

They feature a fabric graphic with a silicone edge (called keder) that is slotted into a frame channel. This allows for easy and quick swapping out of graphics.


Fabric LED light boxes are the latest visual display trend that add a vivid dimension to your brand. Featuring a sleek frameless appearance, these displays can be used in a wide range of applications. They are available in a variety of sizes and offer an internal power supply, simplifying installation and minimizing maintenance requirements. They are also durable enough to withstand long-term use and can be reused.

These wall-mounted signage displays are ideal for shopping centers, high traffic areas and retail establishments. They feature backlit silicone edge graphics and aluminum framing that is easy to assemble. The LED light strip provides bright, white, energy-efficient illumination. The SEG fabrics are printed with dye sublimation for a high-quality look and feel.

Unlike snap frame light boxes, SEG fabric light box seg fabric lightbox frames have an open design that makes it easier to change the graphic. In addition, SEG fabric frames come in different shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.

The SEG Fabric lightbox is a great choice for exhibitions and trade shows, where it can add an eye-catching dimension to your booth or display. They are also a great option for corporate offices and lobbies, where they can be displayed as illuminated wall displays. The fabric is stretchable, so it can be printed in any shape and size to fit the frame.


The brightness of a seg fabric lightbox is determined by the amount of illumination provided by its LED lights. These lights are positioned on the sides of the display frame and must be able to reach all parts of your graphic print. This is because the brighter areas of your printed image are more likely to draw customers’ attention. The type of lighting system used in your backlit SEG light box will also affect its brightness. Some systems use a single power cord that can be attached to a standard wall outlet, while others require a separate high-voltage power supply.

A backlit SEG fabric display can be used in a variety of indoor spaces, including retail shopping centers, automotive showrooms, corporate offices, museums, and art galleries. They are ideal for promoting products and services to customers and increasing brand awareness. They can be hung from an interior wall or left freestanding on the floor.

Backlit SEG frames are often made of a polyester textile that is designed for dye sublimation printing. This type of fabric allows for high-quality, vibrant graphics. The fabric is typically laminated to provide a protective coating that resists water and stains. The silicone edge of the SEG frame is pressed into the fabric’s substrate for a clean and seamless look. A backlit SEG frame is also more economical than a full-color rigid sign.

Light leakage

The SEG fabric lightbox system is ideal for visual merchandising in retail showrooms and stores as the hardware looks frame-less and allows brand imagery to shine. It consists of a durable 4″ aluminium extrusion frame, push-fit silicone edge graphics and LED edge lighting. This lighting system illuminates the entire graphic with bright, even illumination that is reliable and energy efficient.

These displays are great for brands that need to showcase large, bold graphics with high definition resolution. They are also an excellent choice for locations that have limited ceiling space, such as a small boutique or retail shop. These signs seg fabric lightbox are versatile and easy to install and replace. This makes them a good option for stores and retailers that frequently refresh their branding, products, and services.

When designing artwork for a backlit SEG frame, it is important to keep in mind the bleed and safe area. The bleed is the area that will be printed, including the trim and a small amount of extra material to allow for the silicone beading that tucks into the frame channel. The safe area is the portion of the graphic that will be guaranteed to print correctly, without any distortion or stretching.

A Fabric SEG light box is an ideal solution for visual merchandising in retail shopping centers, showrooms, and entertainment venues. Its ultra-thin face frame features an anodized silver finish and 4.75″ depth. It has evenly distributed LED strip lighting, and it is available in a variety of single or double-sided graphics.


SEG fabric light boxes can be wall mounted, double-sided, free-standing or ceiling suspended. They can also be LED backlit or front lit. The hardware can be custom made to any size, and the printed fabric is dye-sublimated to deliver photographic quality and color vibrancy that’s lifelike. The frame is lightweight and easy to assemble.

Unlike traditional frames, SEG fabric light boxes are able to stretch flat and taut across a surface for a smooth appearance. The fabric is secured to the frame using a special silicone beading that fits easily into a recessed groove on the edge of the frame. This eliminates the need for a back panel and allows for a cleaner, upscale appearance.

Fabric lightboxes are commonly used for large-scale displays in retail shopping centers, showrooms, corporate offices, airports and hotels. They are also great for lobbies and reception areas. They offer a dramatic dimension and are an excellent way to communicate a message or brand.

It’s important to consider the location of your light box before purchasing one. The lightbox should be located near an outlet or have the power supply built into the frame. This allows you to avoid the cost of a separate power cord and ensures that the display will be properly illuminated. In addition, a power supply that is incorporated into the frame reduces the amount of heat generated.

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