LED Letter Lights

LED Letter Lights

Adding LED lights to your marquee letters will make them more eye-catching and can attract a lot of foot traffic. They are also a great way to highlight your brand name at night time.

These Pooqla marquee lights have a warm glow and each letter is inset with white LEDs. They don’t include numbers or come with a remote, but they do have a USB power option for a wider range of adjustability.

Easy to Install

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add some sparkle to your home or you’re trying Led Letter to add visual interest to a venue, LED letter lights can be the perfect solution. They come in a variety of styles and are easy to install. Some are even waterproof, making them perfect for indoor use. They’re also energy efficient and can be hung easily from a hook or a ceiling.

Unlike neon tubing, LED letters are made from a durable material that’s both weatherproof and resistant to the elements. Many are also designed with a removable can that makes maintenance easy. In addition, LEDs are a safer and more environmentally friendly option than traditional bulbs.

Aside from avoiding harmful UV rays, LEDs are also much more affordable than neon tubes. They can save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your sign, which is why they’re an excellent choice for any business.

LED lighted signs are usually mounted with studs to create a halo effect. A typical wall stand-off is 1-1/2″, which can vary based on desired halo look and mounting surface sheen or color. They can be free standing or rail mounted and can either run off a standard UL-Listed power supply or three AA batteries (which can be daisy chained to provide more power). In some cases, they may be installed as flush mounts directly on the facade of your building.

Energy Efficient

Lighted signage is a great way to catch the attention of passersby, and it’s also an eco-friendly option for your business. LED lights are incredibly efficient and use less energy than traditional lighting options. Additionally, they are long-lasting and can be easily changed out when needed. This makes them a good choice for any type of business.

Whether your brand name is spelled out or displayed as an acronym, the right signage can make or break your brand’s visibility. It’s important to choose an eye-catching sign that will stand out from the crowd, and a lighted channel letter sign is an excellent choice. These signs are durable and provide a vibrant illumination at night. They can be shaped to fit any logo or font and are a great choice for retail locations.

You can also opt for front-lit and back-lit channel letters. These types of signs are designed with a stainless-steel return and acrylic front, which allow the LEDs to illuminate your company name. The back-lit version is more dramatic and provides complete outlining of your letters in the lighting color of your choice.

LED lighted sign letters are the most popular type of commercial signage, and they’re an effective marketing tool for both day and night. They’re also more cost-effective than other types of signage. You can even have them mounted on a raceway, which means that you don’t need to attach them to your storefront. This saves you money and time and can be done by a professional installer.


LED lights are long-lasting, making them a great investment for any business. They also use less electricity than other lighting options, saving you money on your energy bills. They are also durable, so they will withstand harsh weather conditions without becoming damaged or fading over time.

These LED sign letters are perfect for creating a high-impact visual that will catch the attention of passersby. They come in a variety of fonts and sizes to accommodate your business’s branding and style. They can be hung from walls or mounted on stands for maximum visibility. They also make great gifts for friends and family.

UL certified gemlite led sign letter is a two-part formed plastic product with a molded plastic face that fits over a molded plastic back that houses the LED modules. Typically, the Led Letter backs are formed in white to better reflect the LED lights. The face can be made to have a stepped return or can hide the back completely. The faces and cans are both formed with a UV stable, CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) plastic.


Many LED letter options are available, allowing you to select your preferred color and light effects. These letters come with a remote control to adjust the lighting to your liking. They can be set to one of 16 RGB-style colors, and they can also be flashed in sync or asynchronously. This option is ideal for marquees and other venues where you want to add a vibrant touch.

These lighted letters are ideal for any restaurant, bar, nightclub, or marquee. They are a great way to draw attention and help your business stand out from the competition. The LED lights illuminate the entire sign, enhancing its visibility at night. They are also easy to install and have a long life span. These signs can be used both indoors and outdoors.

LED letters can be customized to fit your company’s needs and can be designed for any size or font. They are energy efficient and have low heat, so they’re safer than halogen lights. They are easy to maintain and can be easily repaired if needed.

These lighted letters have a clear acrylic face that is illuminated by LEDs. They produce a soft glow and can attract customers during the day or night. They are available in a wide variety of colors and can be customized to fit any size or design. Some even offer a 3-D look that can amplify the visibility of your brand name and make it more noticeable to potential customers.

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