Grease Tube Filling Machine

Grease Tube Filling Machine

Grease tube filling machine is a type of industrial equipment used to fill lubricant or grease into tubes. It typically consists of a hopper for holding the lubricant or grease, a piston filling mechanism, and a sealing mechanism for closing the filled tubes.

Before choosing a grease filling machine, make sure that it has sufficient installation space and can accommodate the peripheral equipment. It should also have well-response support for regular maintenance and technical backup.


A grease tube filling machine is a piece of industrial equipment that fills grease or lubricant into tubes. It typically consists of a hopper or reservoir for holding the grease, a conveyor system to transport the empty tubes, and a mechanism for injecting the grease into the tubes. It can be configured to fill a variety of different sizes and volumes of tubes. The speed of the machine is determined by how many tubes are filled in a minute.

To explore the influence factors of pipe diameter and pipe length on grease flow velocity, this study carried out a series of numerical simulation experiments with the inlet condition of the pipe diameter of 2 mm, the outlet condition of 0 Mpa, and the radial velocity cloud image of the grease. The result shows that the radial velocity distribution of grease flowing in core round pipes with various pipe diameters is relatively stable, but there appears to be some interference fluctuation at the beginning section.

Compared with traditional methods of filling liquids, the use of a grease tube filling machine can significantly improve the accuracy of the filling process. It also increases the consistency and quality of the finished product, which is especially important for lubricants and grease. In addition, it reduces grease tube filling machine the amount of waste due to inconsistent filling and can save a significant amount of money for the company.


The accuracy of the filling process is one of the most important aspects of a tube-filling machine. This is because it affects the safety of the operator. A high level of accuracy will ensure that the tube is filled with the correct amount of product, and will also minimize waste. This will reduce production costs and improve the overall quality of the product.

A grease tube filling machine is a specialized industrial device that is used to fill grease or lubricant into tubes. This type of machine is commonly used in industries such as auto repair and manufacturing, where lubrication is essential for the proper functioning of machinery. The machine consists of a hopper that holds the grease or lubricant, a pump, and a metering system. The metering system is adjustable to fit different types and sizes of containers.

The rotary lobe filling machine is designed to handle a wide range of products, from liquids to highly viscous materials such as lubricant greases and pastes. It has a stainless steel construction with a compact footprint and can be adapted to suit various packaging formats. It features a single or double head and is capable of producing up to 50 finished cartridges per minute. It also has a servo-controlled container lift and overcap closing station to ensure accurate, consistent sealing of the tubes.


When you use a grease tube filling machine, you should make sure that the machines’ parts are not in direct contact with the product. This will prevent contamination and ensure the safety of your products and the end-users. It is also a good idea to check the nozzles regularly to identify any wear and tear. This will help you avoid a situation where the products have an inconsistent look when filled by level, which makes them appear as though they were misfilled.

The machine has a large working area and can accommodate tubes of various sizes, shapes, and capacities. It can process many functions simultaneously, including loading, correcting grease tube filling machine tube position, filling, sealing, and ejection. This makes it ideal for subpackaging and increases your return on investment.

This machine is suitable for packaging lubricants, oil, and other greases. Its automatic operation and precise measurement make it ideal for high-viscosity materials. It can handle a variety of container types, from small to large barrels and cans. It also has a sanitary design and can be connected to a CIP system.

Unlike traditional grease jar labeling machinery, this one uses a double-sided label to ensure that all the information is visible to the end user. This type of machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and pesticide industries. It can also be used to label bottles and cans for oil and chemical industries. It is easy to operate and maintain, and requires minimal human labor.


A grease tube filling machine is a specialized industrial machine used for filling tubes with grease or lubricant. It consists of a hopper or reservoir for the grease, a conveyor system for transporting empty tubes to the filling station, and a machine that fills the tubes with the desired amount of grease. The grease is then sealed in the tube with a crimping or heat sealing mechanism. These machines are typically used in automotive and manufacturing industries where machinery requires regular lubrication.

The machine’s design is compact and versatile, allowing it to be used for a wide range of different containers. It can also be used for both liquid and powder products. It can be operated by a single person, making it a cost-effective option for smaller production volumes. It can be adjusted to fit different bottle sizes, and is available in both single- and double-sided labeling options.

The lotion filling machine works on the volumetric principle and has diving nozzles to allow for quick and accurate filling. The container moving on the S.S slat conveyor is indexed to stop precisely below the nozzles through a twin suitable, pneumatically operated, self-centering devices & SS Syringes. No tube – no fill system is another feature, eliminating wastage and spillage. Depending on installed type of dosing unit, material viscosity and the required production speed, an output rate of up to 30 cartridges per minute can be achieved.

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