SEG Fabric Lightbox

SEG Fabric Lightbox

SEG light boxes illuminate backlit printed graphics from behind, accentuating every color detail and making them look upscale. These frames can be wall mounted, hanging or free standing.

These lights are often used in stores, malls and tradeshows for visual branding. They also work well in corporate lobbies and offices.

Frameless Design

The frameless design of the seg fabric lightbox is a modern and stylish look that will attract customers or visitors. The frame is made of aluminum and can be wall-mounted or ceiling suspended. The fabric graphics are backlit with LED lighting that creates a bright and vibrant display. The lights are aligned along the edge of the fabric to provide uniform illumination throughout the graphic.

Unlike traditional light boxes, the fabric used in SEG light box graphics is printed with dye seg fabric lightbox sublimation to ensure color saturation and minimal reflected lighting. These materials also offer a crisp and vivid appearance that will not distort when illuminated. The silicone edge of the fabric is sewn to the frame’s channel groves, which presses against the extrusion for a tight fit and wrinkle-free finish.

SEG fabric lightboxes are easy to assemble and dismantle, making them ideal for use in trade shows or events. The modular frames break down into small sections for effective shipping and storage. The frame is easily spliced to create a larger display, and the graphics can be replaced in a matter of minutes. They are also lightweight and energy efficient, using 80% less power than traditional lights. The fabric is durable and able to withstand the elements. This makes them an excellent option for long-term branding in office spaces, retail environments, and exhibitions.


SEG fabric light boxes are durable, cost-effective, and offer a luxury look that attracts attention. They are a great alternative to traditional signage and provide the ability to change graphics easily without compromising on quality. Besides, they require little to no maintenance and can be wiped clean for easy cleaning. They are perfect for retail environments, where they can illuminate back-lit graphics to draw attention to merchandise and enhance the brand image.

A fabric light box uses a silicone edge graphic (SEG), which is printed with dye sublimation for vibrant colors and superior clarity. This fabric is then inserted into an aluminum extrusion frame, which holds it taut and prevents wrinkles. The frame’s perimeter is then lit with LED lighting to create a striking backlit display. These LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs, and they provide a sharper, clearer image.

These displays are available in single- or double-sided designs and can be wall mounted, ceiling suspended, or freestanding. They can also be backlit or non-backlit. They can be assembled easily by simply connecting the corners with connector brackets and an allen wrench that is included in the packaging. They are also compatible with the innovative LightWire SEG Electrified Hanging Cable system, which is hidden behind the frame and runs through the perimeter of the LEDs, eliminating visible power cords.

Easy to Assemble

SEG fabric displays are the preferred display choice for modern brands because of their upscale frameless appearance. They can be used in a wide variety of marketing applications including retail merchandising, trade show exhibits and in-store displays. They are also an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

The SEG fabric is printed with dye sublimation to ensure vibrant color and lifelike images. The silicone edge beading is sewn around the perimeter of the fabric and easily inserts into the frame’s recessed groove, keeping it taut and stretching smoothly from end to end. This technology allows for large format graphics that are incredibly eye-catching.

These backlit fabric wall displays are easy to assemble. Just slide the aluminum frame pieces together and apply the SEG push-fit fabric graphic. Then plug in the LED lights and your backlit fabric display is ready to go.

The lightweight design makes this display easy to transport and store. It also requires very seg fabric lightbox little maintenance, which is ideal for a busy trade show or retail environment.

The most common mistake people make when installing SEG fabric graphics is tucking the silicone into the frame without tucking in the fabric as well. This can lead to creases and rumples in the graphic and ruins the efficiency of the installation process. To avoid this, install the fabric graphic evenly and bit by bit.


Fabric light boxes are an effective way to convey your brand message and make a visual impact. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your unique needs. They can be used to advertise upcoming events, expand brand awareness and provide information about products or services. They are perfect for high traffic areas like shopping malls, retail establishments, and lobbies.

SEG (silicone edge graphics) fabric graphics are tensioned and printed with high-resolution dye sublimation to ensure crisp images and text, enhanced by LED lighting. They are easy to change, providing a fresh look and feel for your display. They also take up less storage space than rigid graphics, and they can be washed if needed.

Light box frames are made of aluminum extrusions with channels that accept the SEG fabric and LED lights to create a backlit fabric display. They are designed for a clean, frameless appearance with only the minimal amount of frame hardware showing. Depending on the frame size, these can be wall mounted, suspended or free standing.

Custom shaped frames can be used to create attention-grabbing displays and help your messages stand out in crowded spaces. They are also ideal for creating ambiance at a trade show event or in an office environment. They come in a variety of colors and finishes to complement your decor, and they are available in both single- and double-sided configurations.

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