Top Augmented Reality Solution Providers

Top Augmented Reality Solution Providers

Augmented reality (AR) technology superimposes digital content on the real world. It can be used for various purposes, including training & education. It also can help companies differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering unique customer experiences.

AR solutions can be categorized into three types: marker-based, markerless, and location-based. The latter involves GPS data to determine the location of the user’s device and display virtual content accordingly.

VR Vision Group

Founded in 2016, VR Vision is a cutting edge technology company that specializes in Virtual Reality, Web & Mobile Apps and Augmented Reality. Their services include video production, programming, UI design, and computer graphic animation. They offer a wide range of VR/AR solutions to help businesses grow and succeed. Their clients include Toyota, Siemens, Avangrid, Ernst & Young, Great West Life, Bayer, and Veeva.

VR Vision Group provides augmented reality and virtual reality development services to companies across Canada and the United States. Their team is experienced in designing, building and deploying immersive experiences that improve business processes and accelerate growth. They work with a variety of industries and use top-tier software and hardware.

The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Its Co-Founder & CEO is Roni Cerga. VR Vision has an estimated 20 employees. The company’s revenue is in the millions of dollars. Its main competitors are Strivr, Talespin, Mursion, and more.


This AR company specializes in creating immersive experiences by blending the digital and physical worlds. Their augmented reality software development solutions can help companies increase business efficiencies, improve customer engagement, and boost employee productivity. The firm offers various types of AR applications, including augmented reality game design, mobile app development, and virtual simulations. It also provides custom software development services for various industries.

The team at Interexy LLC has worked with several clients to develop augmented reality solutions. Their work has been praised for its quality and responsiveness. They have excellent project management skills and are able to augmented reality solution providers handle change requests in a timely manner. They are a great partner for small and medium-sized businesses that want to take advantage of the new technology.

This Poland-based company specializes in AR and VR app development. Its products are designed for educational purposes, e-commerce, health and fitness, entertainment, manufacturing, travel and tourism, and history. Its client list includes Equal Education, SVRF, Poplar Studio, and Doctors Without Borders. Its apps feature photorealistic 3D models and animation, augmented reality software, and virtual reality content.


In addition to developing AR/VR applications, VironIT also offers design services and technology consulting. They work with clients from all industries, including ecommerce and industrial manufacturing. Their team can create immersive experiences using a variety of technologies, including Houdini. This software is particularly popular in the game design and VFX industries. It is used for iterative design processes, allowing developers to tweak or completely reshape a model.

The company’s portfolio includes photorealistic 3D models and animations, virtual production environments, VR trade shows, image-recognition tools, and sensory representations of products and services. It has worked with clients such as Equal Education, SVRF, Poplar Studio, and Doctors Without Borders.

VironIT is an international IT company that provides custom software development services. They specialize in creating augmented reality and virtual reality apps for the top virtual reality platforms, such as HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. They use a well-balanced set of technologies and are able to build unique solutions for their customers. They also provide a full range of maintenance services. The company has been in business since 2004.


Niantic is an augmented reality software development company that has created several games and experiences for businesses such as World of Tanks, The Port of Virginia, and Sikorsky. Their Smart Assist solution utilizes augmented reality to remotely assist clients with maintenance issues. The technology can identify and diagnose problems with 95% accuracy.

The company’s latest AR platform, Lightship, enables developers to create experiences for the real world. Its AR capabilities can be incorporated into existing apps and devices such as smartphones. This enables scavenger hunts, games, and other challenges that require precise tracking and positioning.

In addition to developing its own AR platforms, Niantic also invests in other companies that develop hardware and software for AR. Its recent acquisition of 8th Wall, a leading WebAR provider, demonstrates its commitment to this space.

The AR headset market is highly competitive, with a wide range of hardware and software available to consumers. Some of the most notable players include Magic Leap, Google, Apple, and Snap. The industry is also seeing rapid growth in virtual reality and immersive content creation.


NEXT/NOW is a technically savvy, design-forward agency that creates immersive projects for brands in retail settings. They offer projection mapping, LEDs, multi-touch screens, and holograms. They can transport people from virtual racetrack pits to peaceful bioluminescent forests.

Their services include augmented reality software development, VR/AR app development, and Metaverse integration. They use a custom-built XR lab and a passionate team of developers to augmented reality solution providers develop AR and VR solutions for customers. They also provide consulting for enterprises to understand and enter the Metaverse world.

One of their AR projects was an interactive floor for the Microsoft booth at Ignite Tech. It reacted to steps and showed messages about Microsoft products. Another example was a project for truck maker Cummins that allowed customers to visualize the engine without opening it.

Another augmented reality company is ScienceSoft, which uses a special technology to project 3D imagery on a surface. Its technology allows users to view the images with their smartphone, requiring no special glasses or headset. Its clients include big energy companies like Chevron. Its latest technology, CloudXR, enables wireless transmission of XR content to mobile devices with no lag.

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