Xenon Projector Headlights For Cars

Xenon Projector Headlights For Cars

Xenon projector headlights use a bulb, reflector, shutter, and lens to refocus the light beam. They are much brighter than standard halogen bulbs and help you see the road better at night.

They are known to dazzle oncoming drivers, however, so some cars come equipped with self-leveling systems. Companies like Morimoto make xenon headlight retrofit kits for almost any car.

Increased Visibility

As the name suggests, xenon projector headlights offer increased visibility by directing more light to the road ahead of you. This is thanks to a bulb that uses an electric arc between two electrodes to create intense, white or bluish light. Combined with the projector lens that allows for a tight beam pattern, these headlights provide better illumination than standard reflector-type headlights.

While halogen bulbs are still common in many vehicles, more manufacturers are opting for LED or xenon headlights. While xenons and LEDs may appear to be high-end options, they’re actually more affordable than ever before. Moreover, these types of headlights typically outperform standard headlights in terms of brightness and efficiency.

You can easily identify your headlight type by checking out the owner’s manual or removing one of the headlights xenon projector headlights for cars to see the bulb information. Once you know what you have, it’s easy to find a conversion kit that will let you install a set of new headlights in your vehicle.

A popular choice is a kit by Morimoto. This company offers a variety of universal and vehicle-specific kits that include everything you need to upgrade your headlights. The company’s XB LED and XB Hybrid headlights, for example, are plug-and-play units that can be installed at home in less than an hour. The lights also feature aviation aluminum alloy that effectively dissipates up to 250 percent more heat.

Increased Brightness

Xenon headlights are more than twice as bright as halogen bulbs, producing over 3,000 lumens and about 90 Mcd/m2. They also produce a more natural white-blue light similar to daylight.

The bulbs are housed in a projector-type headlight, which uses thick concave mirrors and magnifying lenses to focus the light in a tightly focused beam pattern. While reflector-style headlights can use a xenon bulb, the resulting beam is less intense and more spread out.

This is because the lens limits how much of the xenon gas is used, and the rest of the gases are only turned on when the bulb starts to heat up. This can take a few seconds after the headlights are switched on.

Another important feature of a xenon projector headlight is its shutter. This is a safety device that prevents the high-beam light from blinding oncoming traffic, and it’s a feature that classic reflector headlights can’t offer.

It’s worth noting that HID bulbs are not compatible with reflector-type headlights, so you need to upgrade your entire headlight housing if you want to install them. This is because using them with a reflector headlight can cause massive amounts of glare for other road users. Fortunately, there are now a number of high-quality kits that are designed to work with both projector and reflector-style headlights.

Reduced Glare

There are several different types of headlights that can be installed on a car, including halogen and LED. The latter is often recommended for drivers who want their vehicle’s headlights to have a more stylish look. In terms of performance, LED lights usually outshine their xenon counterparts, but they may cost a bit more.

The main difference between xenon and LED headlights is that the former uses a filament that produces light through the arc of electricity passing between two electrodes, while the latter uses diodes that produce a brighter light. While a xenon bulb can illuminate your road better than an LED one, you need to compare the bulbs in terms of their color temperature—measured in kelvins—to find out which offers the most suitable illumination for your needs.

Xenon headlights offer less glare, allowing you to see your road and other vehicles more clearly. However, they are also brighter and can potentially blind other drivers. To prevent xenon projector headlights for cars this, many cars equipped with xenon headlights feature automatic leveling systems to ensure that the light beams are properly directed.

Installing a xenon projector headlight kit is not as difficult as it might seem. Most companies, such as Morimoto, sell universal and vehicle-specific kits that include everything you need to get your headlights working. If you’re not comfortable with DIY modifications, you can always buy a pre-assembled set of xenon headlights from a trusted retailer.

Easy Installation

Projector headlights are a popular upgrade for your vehicle. They provide better light than traditional halogen bulbs and have the potential to outlast your car. However, you need to consider the type of projector headlights that will fit your car’s needs. For example, HID projector headlights are more expensive but offer superior brightness and longevity. LED projector headlights are a more recent innovation, offering energy efficiency and long lifespans. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different vehicles.

To install xenon projector headlights, remove the stock headlight assembly. It’s important to disconnect the wires from the ballast and igniter, so you don’t accidentally ruin the wiring system. If you’re not sure how to do this, purchase a headlight conversion harness. These kits come with a small clamp where you can put two wires together and then close them with a locking mechanism. They can save you time and money by eliminating the need to cut your own wiring.

When shopping for a new set of projector headlights, choose a brand that offers a warranty. XenonPro, for example, offers a lifetime warranty on all parts and accessories. Their products are designed to last with aluminum bulb casings that soak up plenty of heat and a quiet, built-in micro fan for active cooling. They are also dust, shock, and rumble-proof and come with a mounting kit that makes installation easy.

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