Hotel Door Lock System Options

hotel door lock system

Hotel Door Lock System Options

A hotel door lock system is essential to ensure guest rooms, private areas and access to on-site amenities are secure. There are a variety of options available depending on your needs and budget.

Using key card systems can help avoid lost keys and cards which require guests to visit the front desk for replacements or have their access permissions canceled. However, this type of lock can be costly for hotels and difficult to integrate with existing structures.


Keypads for hotel door lock systems are a simple and effective way to add modernity to your guest rooms. They offer many of the same benefits as smart locks, including a mobile app option that lets guests unlock doors with their smartphones. Most models are also ADA-compliant and include a choice of handle designs and colours to match any architecture. They’re wireless ready or can be hardwired for cloud and network access for updates and operation. Some are re-programmable, giving you the flexibility of card systems without the need for additional hardware or cards.

These hotel locks don’t use traditional physical keys, which have a number of downsides: they can easily be lost or stolen, can be difficult to rekey, and provide limited accessibility for people with disabilities. Instead, they require a PIN code which can be generated on the lock’s display or in an application for the hotel guest. This type of system is a good alternative to other forms of electronic locks for hotels, like mag stripes and swipe cards, which are less safe.

Some models, such as Salto’s KS 230, have a slim escutcheon that can be installed over existing DIN mortises and modernize the room’s aesthetic. Others, such as the OS SLIM, have narrow escutcheons that allow them to be placed under the door handle. Both locks are capable of opening via Bluetooth, Mifare proximity cards or a numerical PIN code. They are fully re-programmable, so you can give different access permissions to your staff or guests with ease.

Locks with RFID Sensors

Hotel door lock systems that incorporate RFID technology are a modern solution to replace magstripe locks. These locks use an RFID reader that detects a valid credential, like a guest’s room key card or mobile phone app, and opens the door. Using an RFID commercial hotel door lock system allows you to offer guests more convenient and versatile access while minimizing the risk of lost or stolen credentials, and it also provides staff with more control and monitoring capabilities.

RFID locks are a great upgrade from magstripe technology because they’re more secure, less prone to errors and can support more versatile permissions for different areas of the hotel. RFID locks are more expensive than PIN code or key fob locks, but they’re a good choice for hotels that want to offer a more upscale look and additional convenience for guests.

Unlike other hotel lock systems, RFID locks use two separate components, so installation can be more time-consuming. hotel door lock system However, this can save on overall costs and makes the system more flexible to upgrade in the future.

A disadvantage of RFID is that the batteries may not last long. This can cause hotel door lock system the lock to lose power or fail. If this happens, it will be necessary to change the battery to avoid any potential problems in the future. Some manufacturers provide a back-up system, but this doesn’t address the issue of unexpected power loss completely.

Mobile Keys

Mobile keys are a popular way for guests to access hotel rooms. They are typically based on Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies and are integrated into the hotel’s PMS. These digital keys are no longer limited to major hotels and luxury resorts; they’re available for independent properties as well.

Upon check-in, your hotel server sends an encrypted key to the guest’s smartphone. The key is stored in a secure key vault inside the app or mobile wallet. When the guest taps the unlock button in the app or holds their phone close to the lock, the token is sent to the lock and the door opens within seconds.

The best part of a mobile key is that it’s not susceptible to the same security concerns as traditional room keys or RFID cards. If a guest loses their smartphone, existing technology like “Find My Phone” can identify its location, making it easier for the guest to retrieve the digital key.

For hotel employees, the benefits of a mobile key are clear: they can save time and energy by eliminating the need to give out room keys or card readers and replace lost or stolen cards. They can focus more attention on delivering excellent service to their guests. Mobile keys also provide long-term value to your property as they help improve efficiency, reduce costs and make operations more sustainable.

Keyless Entry

In this type of hotel door lock system, guests enter a series of numbers on a keypad to open the door. This method of entry is easy for guests to remember and can provide extra security against unauthorized entries. These locks also offer a stylish design that can blend in well with a modern hotel environment.

Another popular option for hotel guest rooms are magnetic swipe cards, or RFID Card Access. These contain a microchip that is encoded with credential data, and they work by interacting with sensors to grant access. These systems are typically less expensive than other types of locks, and they have the added benefit of being more user-friendly for both guests and staff.

One of the most advanced options is a smart hotel door lock with a built-in cloud-based management platform. This allows for remote control and monitoring of the lock, as well as integrating with other hotel technologies like room energy controls and guest satisfaction surveys. This type of system can be an excellent choice for hotels with large budgets that want to take their technology and guest experience to the next level.

A smart door lock that integrates with a native hotel mobile app offers the most comprehensive and seamless experience for your guests. This allows them to check in, unlock the door using their smartphone, order services and make instant payments from their room – all with maximum security and privacy.

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