Upgrade Your Hotel Door Lock System

hotel door lock system

Upgrade Your Hotel Door Lock System

Turn your existing hotel locks into smart ones without replacing the lock cylinders. Simply replace the reader with our e-locks and let your guests use their mobile phone as their room key.

Guests can open doors using a PIN code, a keycard or a smartphone. The door locks integrate with your PMS to automate check-in and provide a seamless guest experience.


Keypads allow guests to open the door with a simple PIN code, making it easy for them to access their room and your property. They can also be reprogrammed with new codes for each reservation, and some even integrate with your hotel software to do so automatically.

These locks are easy to hotel door lock system install, with most offering detailed instructions that will let your maintenance staff do the work without much trouble. They have a panic release function from inside that retracts the deadbolt and latch in an emergency situation, are ADA compliant and can be programmed by your PMS to lock upon check-out for added security.

Dormakaba makes several different kinds of electronic lock solutions, with some suitable for hotels and others for B&Bs or apartments. Most are RFID compatible with a fob or smartphone app and are easily updated wirelessly through your management system, so they’re an excellent choice for those who want to add a smart feature to their property.

They can also be used with a mobile phone intercom, letting your guests use their phones as keys to enter the apartment or room. These are the only options here that don’t require a download of an app, as many guests either aren’t comfortable with app use or simply don’t have the time to do so.

Electric locks with a sensor and a chip card

Electric locks with a sensor and a chip card offer hotel owners the best of both worlds. The keypad allows guests to enter rooms with a PIN code or use their smartphones, while the lock itself communicates with a central system. This way, you can control which cards work on which doors and keep access logs for each door. However, the cost can be prohibitive for some hotels because the cards need to be repurchased and the card readers may wear out faster than magstripe readers.

Besides being case hardened, these digital hotel lock solutions are ANSI certified and include a deadbolt that can only be released from the inside. They also feature a single-open panic function from the inside and a patented system that prevents handle sag over time. Salto also offers a cloud-based management solution that allows you to update the locks from anywhere with an internet connection.

Some systems use RFID locking technology, which requires the user to wave their card or smartphone in front of a reader instead of inserting it or swiping it. This is more secure than magnetic stripe locks because there’s no chance for the magnetic strip to become demagnetized, but it also lacks convenience for elderly and disabled users. However, this type of system offers better durability because it doesn’t require swiping and insertion and the RFID cards can easily transmit the information needed to unlock the door.

RFID cards

In addition to improving guest security, upgrading your hotel to a hotel lock system with RFID, magstripe, or pin code locks offers several operational benefits. These systems are often integrated with an access control management software, streamlining processes and generating detailed reports on guest activity. They are also designed to improve energy efficiency by automatically adjusting temperature settings and lighting based on occupancy.

These systems are popular among hotels because they offer a practical alternative to traditional keys. They are operated with a PIN, a chip card, or by using a smartphone app. They are also more secure than traditional locks because they use a more complex encryption to prevent unauthorized entry. These systems can also be reprogrammed easily, making them an attractive option for hoteliers.

A reliable provider of electronic hotel door locks is Salto, which offers several models that are suitable for hotels. Some are RFID ready and compatible with both magstripe cards for backward compatibility, while others work with BLE technology to enable mobile phones to act as the keycard. All the company’s products are also case hardened and ANSI-certified to hotel door lock system ensure that they can withstand a variety of environmental conditions. Moreover, they come with a patented system to keep handles from sagging over time. They are also easy to install and require no mechanical changes to existing doors.

Bluetooth and WiFi systems

If you’re looking for a secure, modern, and user-friendly hotel lock system, look no further than a pin code system. These locks require a unique number code to unlock, which is automatically assigned to guests when they book their room. This type of hotel door lock system is perfect for staff or guest rooms with limited access to amenities like a pool or conference room. It also works well for guest rooms that require a keycard but don’t need full front desk functionality.

A hotel door lock system with a bluetooth low energy (BLE) option lets guests open their room doors with a smartphone app that sends an encrypted message to the lock. This type of system is ideal for hotels that need to provide their guests with a mobile-first approach or are in the process of upgrading from an existing magstripe or RFID lock to a hyper-connected system.

Using smart locks is no longer the preserve of hotels with enormous budgets or high-tech set-ups. Integrated with a PMS, systems such as Operto Connect allow smart locks to be accessible to almost any hotel with an internet connection and the right door hardware.

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