Case For Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

Case for Lenovo tablet

Case For Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

Designed to safeguard your tablet with a contemporary PU finish and brimless style. The premium leather shell and soft interior add minimal bulk and provide excellent protection against daily abrasion. The case closes with a magnet and supports auto sleep/wake. Precise cuts and a snug fit allow for full access to cameras, speakers, ports, and buttons.


A custom case for a tablet offers the protection your device needs to survive the rigors of business use. Rugged cases for tablets from top brands such as Targus safeguard against damage caused by sudden drops or bumps. Choosing the right case for your tablet also helps keep your screen safe from scratching and accidental damage from dirt or dust.

Protect your tablet from everyday wear and tear with a SaharaCase Defense Series case for Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen). Case for Lenovo tablet This rugged protective case is made of triple-hardened PU leather and TPU for durability, with reduced stretching and yellowing. The bifold design protects the tablet’s corners and front cover, while precise cutouts ensure uninterrupted port and button access. The integrated kickstand makes it easy to watch videos in a comfortable position.

Designed to meet MIL-STD 810G standards, this rugged case protects your Lenovo Tablet 10 from the harshest environments including 1.2 meter (4 feet) drops and blowing sand, dust, water and humidity. This case is also optimized for productivity with the inclusion of a back hand strap and briefcase handle for easy transport and handling.

The xCase also includes a Snap Mount system for easy mounting to walls, beams, sides of machinery, counters and desks, the cabs of vehicles and more. The optional mount rail adds even more functionality with an innovative magnetic mount for attaching to metal surfaces. The xCase is the perfect choice for mobile workers in energy, manufacturing, retail and other on-the-go applications.


While the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro may not be a tablet that will appeal to gamers, it does feature a high-resolution screen and enough storage to support most users. It also supports many USB-C accessories and dongles straight out of the box, making it a versatile tablet for mobile professionals. It also has four Dolby Atmos-certified speakers and a battery that can last all day on a single charge.

While unprotected tablets frequently shatter when dropped, the xCase for this tablet is designed to keep the display safe from damage. It has rubber bumpers that can absorb impact energy and dissipate it over a larger area, as well as a special anti-shatter screen protector. It even passes the rigorous MIL-STD 810H Method 516.8 Procedure IV military test, which is more than most other enterprise tablets can handle.

This case for the Lenovo Tab P12 Plus also includes ergonomic considerations like a glove-fitting back hand strap and convenient briefcase handle. This helps reduce fatigue when the tablet is used for long periods of time, and it also prevents the tablet from falling out of the worker’s hand. Its slender design makes it easy to fit into a bag or backpack. In addition, the case is made with durable materials such as polycarbonate and molded TPU that can resist scratching, yellowing, and stretching. Its rugged construction is also backed by a lifetime warranty.


Whether you need a simple, slim case that keeps your tablet looking good or a more personalized design to give as a gift, our custom cases offer the style you want without compromising on protection and durability. A few of the styles we carry include folio-style cases that close securely to prevent accidental screen touches, magnetic closures and a front pocket for easy access to accessories like stylus pens and chargers. We also have heavy-duty cases designed to protect tablets in harsh environments that expose them to spills, drops, dust, weather and blowing sand, and are Mil-Spec 810G and IP54 certified for material strength and abrasion, drop tests from 1.2 meters (4 feet), vibration endurance, water splashing and blowing sand.

Adding to the value of our rugged cases, we can customize them with add-on features that expand productivity for frontline workers. We can print or emboss your company logo on them to enhance brand visibility, or color-match the outer PU leather or faux leather with your corporate Pantones for an added level of branding customization. We can even build in features such as an integrated barcode scanner or three-in-one payment modules, magstripe readers and more to enable your teams to get the job done faster.

Our patented Snap Mount system makes it easy to install and remove the tablet from the case, and can be mounted wherever you need it in your work environment, on walls, beams, sides of machinery or vehicles, counters or desks. It also allows for mounting on equipment like forklifts, reducing the need to move the device between vehicles and workspaces as needed.


When a tablet is purchased for business use, the purchaser will want to add accessories like keyboards, protective folio cases, covers and stylus pens. These will make the tablet easier to handle and less prone to damage. These accessories can also help increase productivity and the value of the device.

The Rugged xCase for Lenovo tablet is a ruggedized case that protects the device while allowing the tablet to perform. This is a case designed by the tablet specialists at MobileDemand, who have 19 years of experience making nearly bullet-proof cases for slender tablets.

This is a two-part system that consists of a ruggedized tablet-specific rubber boot and Case for Lenovo tablet a rigid polycarbonate shell. The boot is molded to fit the device precisely and snaps into place. The shell provides a three-dimensional enclosure that features four thick corner bumpers, which disperse impact energy over a large area to reduce the likelihood of breakage.

The xCase also includes an innovative magnetic mount system that allows it to be mounted on walls, beams, counters, desks, vehicles and machinery. The system is easy to implement and allows the tablet to be secured in a way that prevents tampering or theft. The system is available in a wide range of stock colors that can be customized with logos and other graphics to meet specific requirements.

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