Bi Xenon Projector Lens

bi xenon projector lens

Bi Xenon Projector Lens

The bi xenon projector lens can realize high and low beam on one headlight. The kit includes lens, cutoff shield, solenoid, reflector bowl and xenon bulbs.

Unlike the cheap HID kits that most people throw in their stock headlights, Royalin’s projectors will actually perform better than those! They have a sharp cutoff, a nice bright hotspot and easy installation.

Brighter and Wider Lighting

Today, many car owners are changing their halogen headlight to xenon bulbs for the look and the safety of the road. However, these people don’t know that their xenon bulbs will not provide the brighter and wider lighting they expect from them. The reason is that the original chrome reflector of the headlight was designed for halogen bulbs and not xenon bulbs. When a xenon bulb is put in, its high temperature will deform the original reflector and cause glare to other drivers on the road. A projector lens will solve this problem by concentrating the light from the xenon bulb into a narrow and focused beam that can cover the whole road.

Royalin mini h1 bi-xenon projector lenses offer a nice sharp cutoff and great lighting output. This lens is a must-have for those who want to have safe night driving and a wide and bright hotspot.

When the HID (Xenon) bulbs are activated they generate a lot of light which is reflected by the reflector bowl and the cutoff shield. The bi-xenon solenoid inside the projector is on a hinge and when it is powered, it will push or pull the cutoff shield down so that more of the light can go through the lens to create a high beam pattern. When the power is off, it will return to its normal low beam position.

Safer Driving

The main job of a great Bi-LED Lens is to produce enough light that conforms to road safety requirements. The rest of the features can be added on top of that to make your car stand out and look better. But you should never forget that a good projector is all about the light it produces.

Without a proper projector lens, the xenon bulb’s heat bi xenon projector lens can deform the original chrome reflector, creating a hotspot that can blind other drivers on the opposite side of the road. The resulting glare can also cause them to miss your headlights. But the xenon projector lenses from Royalin have a nice sharp cut off line that will help you stay safe on the road, even in a dark environment.

Many people use a simple plug and play xenon kit (without projectors) to upgrade their halogen headlights. While this is an easy way to improve night vision, it can be dangerous for other drivers on the road because the light beam will not converge. But the xenon projectors from Royalin will make your car’s lights much brighter and wider with a sharp cut off line that makes it safer for other road users.

If you have a projector that can hold two HID bulbs, you can even install a second one to get the dual high beam effect. Simply hook the second high beam projector to a separate halogen high beam bulb with our splitters, and you will be able to flip between the two lighting modes.

Less Glare

If you have a headlight with the original chrome reflector that does not use a projector lens, the light beam from your car will deform and throw glare to other road users. This can be dangerous to both you and other drivers. To avoid this problem, you can replace your original headlight with a bi-xenon projector lens that will offer a sharp cut off and more powerful lighting performance.

Generally, a bi-xenon projector can fit into your car headlight easily because of its standard shape. Its mounting surface is flat and the lens has a hole for your hid bulbs. Then, the lens can be fitted with a new reflector that will have the right size to match your headlight. It can also be fitted with a bi-xenon relay wiring harness to protect the hid bulbs and the bulb sockets.

In addition, bi-xenon projectors can run both low and high beams. During the low-beam cycle, the shade is lowered by a solenoid actuated pivot to provide a lower intensity light path. The high-beam circuit uses a different design that drops the cutoff shield and lets light escape above it for a higher intensity light path. This feature makes it easy to wire up your car with dual high beams by simply connecting the projector’s solenoid to the wiring that powers the halogen high-beam bulb.

Easy to Install

The bi-xenon projector lens is an easy upgrade for your car headlight. If your original headlight bulb has a high light but it doesn’t have a high/low beam function then this is the perfect upgrade for you! This focuses the light from your xenon bulbs more to give you a much better lighting. It is also a legal requirement in bi xenon projector lens most European countries to have this for safety reasons. Royalin mini h1 projector lenses and other brands are available to upgrade your headlight to offer both low and high lights!

To do this the original headlight chrome bowl is fitted with a projector lens and a cut off shield. When the xenon bulbs are powered on the solenoid is activated and this pushes or pulls the cut off shield down to expose more of the light from the xenon bulb creating the high beam. When the power is turned off the cut off shield returns to its normal position.

This is a great way to make your driving safer for you and other road users. The sharp cutting off and the beautiful bright hotspot will allow you to see more on the road when you drive at night. The installation is pretty straightforward too. Depending on your car you may need to remove the original headlight reflector bowl and then fit the new projector lens. You may also need to re-seal the headlight housing once it is installed.

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