Top 5 VR Shooting Games

vr shooting game

Top 5 VR Shooting Games

With a simple yet satisfying gameplay, Superhot VR proves how well virtual reality works for on-rail shooters. While the game does show its age in some areas, it still manages to deliver an exhilarating experience with great gunplay mechanics.

For those who have wanted to play VR Tarkov, this Singleplayer game does the trick. Contractors is the Call of Duty of VR with fast movement and gunplay that makes for a tense firefight.

Arizona Sunshine

A true VR trailblazer when it launched on PC VR back in 2016 Arizona Sunshine was one of the first games to feature a story rather than just a shooting gallery. It has since been upgraded for Oculus Quest and still remains a well-crafted, rip-roaring adventure of zombie butchery and apocalyptic survival.

Playable solo or with up to 3 friends, Arizona Sunshine takes place in a scorching post-apocalyptic desert wasteland where you’re on the hunt for survivors. When you hear a voice over a radio your hopes surge but as you continue to explore the harsh landscape that seems hellbent on taking you out, you quickly realise that you’ll need to be smart about ammo management.

Control is a little sticky at times but overall the action in Arizona Sunshine is smooth and natural. It’s a good looking game too, although the graphics aren’t as crisp as some of the other titles on this list and there’s still some less than stellar texture work (look at those wooden doors for instance!). But that’s only a minor quibble.

Drop Dead; Dual Strike

Drop Dead; Dual Strike is a fun, arcade-style wave shooter that’s great for quick sessions of playing. It has a campaign and horde mode, which vr shooting game makes it well worth the purchase price for anyone who’s looking for a simple, fast-paced shooter.

Originally released as a Gear VR game, Pixel Toy’s port for the Rift is an excellent and enjoyable experience. Taking advantage of 6DoF room-scale tracking, the action is intense and immersive. It’s also fairly difficult, which will keep you coming back for more.

Like all arcade shooters, however, it can feel repetitive and unsatisfying after a while. It’s also not as scary as some other horror games, but it’s a great option if you want to blow away hordes of zombies.

Blaston is another arcade-style shooter that’s perfect for short sessions of play. It’s easy to grasp but hard to master, and offers a high score system that motivates players to play again and again. It’s a multiplayer experience, but it can be played solo as well. It’s also a good choice for parties, as it can be shared between players without a headset adapter.

Resident Evil 4

When the Gamecube version of Resident Evil 4 came out in 1999, it was hailed as one of the first modern survival horror games. Its over-the-shoulder shooting and QTE-heavy cutscenes didn’t seem like they would translate well into VR, but Capcom made some great adjustments that make it a killer app for virtual reality.

The gameplay is still the same, but it’s immersive in a way that other VR games can’t replicate. Movement is free-form, allowing you to walk around the small village of Nemesis with ease, while weapons are held by your hands and can be quickly swapped out between them in combat. You can grab grenades, a knife, ammo, and healing items from points on your virtual body. Oculus Touch vibrations let you know when you’re hovering over an item, making inventory management a lot more intuitive.

The best change, however, is how combat has been revamped. You can vr shooting game throw grenades in a wide arc using motion controls, instead of just pressing a button and throwing them at your enemies. This makes it a lot more tactical and engaging, and it’s something that other VR shooters could learn from.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is a fast-paced virtual reality rhythm game that’s become one of the highest rated games across all headsets. It requires the player to shoot enemies and dodge bullets and obstacles, all in time with the music. This makes it a unique and exciting experience that has quickly become a favorite among VR gamers and fitness enthusiasts.

The game features multiple gameplay modes and a variety of levels, each with their own theme and challenge. Each level is set to a high-energy electronic music track and the player must shoot enemies and dodge bullets in time with the beat to score points. Different modifiers can be activated from the hub, such as dual-wielding and limiting how many bullets a magazine has. The game also has different difficulty levels and separate leaderboards for each of them.

Pistol Whip is an intense and immediately gratifying shooter with a much higher skill ceiling than first appears. The PSVR2 upgrade makes it even more compelling, with clean graphics and minimal motion sickness.


While not as intuitive to play as the best vr shooting games on this list, Bonelab still feels like a game that pushes VR’s boundaries. While the main campaign is a little dull and light on content, it’s the extensive mod support that has really opened up the game to players.

Like its predecessor, Bonelab uses the Marrow1 engine to provide a physics-based sandbox for players to mess around in. Weapons handle well and the physics give you the sense of being more than just a pair of floating arms. There’s also a great selection of parkour and tactical trials maps to try out which can be finished in a few minutes each.

The biggest selling point for this game is its Bodylog, which allows you to swap out your avatar at will, allowing you to be anything from a tiny gremlin that can fit into tight spaces to a massive 12-foot-tall monster. Even without this, the core gameplay is enough to make it worth trying. But you’ll probably be bored of the campaign after a few hours.

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