Smart Video Doorbell

Smart Video Doorbell

Most smart doorbell cameras require a monthly subscription, but thankfully there are options like Eufy and Ezivz that don’t use cloud storage or lock useful features behind a paid subscription. Their affordable models can record locally on an SD card and are compatible with most existing chime wires.

They also feature two-way talk and night vision. Some even have pre-selected Quick Replies.


A Smart Video Doorbell uses motion detection to inform users when someone has arrived at the front door. It will send an alert to your smartphone which you can then use to view a live feed of the person at your door, or if there is two-way audio, to talk to them.

Some models have more advanced detection capabilities such as human shape and face recognition, allowing you to see who is at your door. This could be useful if you are worried about potential break-ins, as it could deter criminals by making them think they’ve been caught on camera and might cause them to move on.

Night vision is another important feature for Smart Video Doorbells, as it allows you to see what’s going on at your home even when it’s dark. It’s also great for identifying vehicles or people who may be loitering nearby.

Smart Video Doorbells can be battery powered or hardwired into the existing wiring of your doorbell. For those who opt for the latter, we recommend looking for one that supports edge storage, which will allow your device to process data locally rather than sending it to a cloud-based server. This will prevent any data breaches and can also save on your power bill.

Some smart doorbells have the ability to record a prerecorded message that can be played when someone rings the bell, which is an excellent way of deterring criminals from coming near your property. It’s worth checking if your model has this capability before you make your purchase.


Depending on the model you choose, smart video doorbells can alert you to visitors and provide two-way audio so you can talk to them. Some can also capture night vision images and allow you to record or back up video. Similarly, some models offer cloud storage for added security.

The best smart doorbells use motion detection to capture footage of people and vehicles, and many have infrared technology for nighttime vision. They can also be powered by batteries or wired for a constant power supply. Look for two-way audio for remote communication with visitors and delivery drivers, as well as options for adjusting Smart Video Doorbell motion and privacy zones. Some can even detect and distinguish between people, animals, and cars, reducing false alarms and providing more accurate notifications.

Arlo, one of our top picks for home security cameras, offers an excellent battery-powered model with wide smart home integration and high-quality day and night video. It’s easy to set up and uses your phone as an indoor chime. It doesn’t have 24/7 recording, but the included subscription plan includes 180 days of cloud storage for videos and useful rich notifications Smart Video Doorbell that show a snapshot of video on lock screens. It also supports a range of smart speakers and lets you view a live feed on an Apple TV. In addition, it offers a subscription service that spots and tracks packages delivered to your doorstep.


The storage feature of a Smart Video Doorbell is one of the things that determines how much a doorbell camera will cost. It will either come with a subscription for cloud storage or offer free local storage options. Some brands even allow you to recover deleted video clips.

Almost all Smart Video Doorbells utilize cloud computing and storage for recording footage of visitors, but there are also some models that do not use the internet for any functions. These models usually come with a microSD slot that allows users to store recordings locally on their devices.

In the future, we may see more smart video doorbells that are powered by Edge technology instead of relying on the cloud for processing and storage. This will make them faster and more secure. It will also enable them to run advanced AI features that can identify visitors and deliver useful information like the weather forecast or traffic conditions, among others.

The Blink Doorbell Camera is a good example of this kind of product. It offers excellent image quality and a variety of smart features, including person detection, motion zones, a live view that can be viewed on a smart display, and two-way audio. However, the lack of an on-demand live view while on battery power and a monthly subscription ($3 per month) to keep recordings in the cloud are its drawbacks.


Smart Video Doorbell allows you to see who’s at the front door and receive notifications when a package arrives. They also have features like face recognition, local storage, and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. They can be more expensive than traditional doorbells but offer a lot of functionality and convenience. Some even come with two cameras so you can see both the approach and what’s inside a package.

To install a smart doorbell, you need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network and power source. Some are wired while others can be battery-powered or solar-powered. Wired models connect to your existing doorbell wiring attached to a doorbell transformer and chime box, while wireless ones use their own base station (Ring and Nest sell theirs). You can usually set up a battery-powered or solar-powered device yourself, but you might need an electrician for a wired one, depending on how you have your house wired.

Check the spec sheet for important details, such as resolution and aspect ratio (whether your doorbell’s video is top-to-bottom or side-to-side). Motion detection can be set to either ‘All Motion’ or ‘Smart Detect’ (people, pets, and packages). Some models require a subscription — sometimes more than PS25 per year — for cloud storage. Look for latency to see how long it takes the doorbell to send a notification when you press the button.

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