Ultra Reflector LED Light Bar

Ultra Reflector led light bar

Ultra Reflector LED Light Bar

Light bars are a great way to improve your visibility while driving off-road. They provide a powerful, concentrated beam that helps you navigate rugged terrain and obstacles.

These lights can also come with a number of other cool features. For example, some can be made to emit both a narrow spot beam and a flood light.


Our Ultra Reflector LED Light Bar is super slim and mounts in a very low profile. We use a special optics design and the best led chips to reduce any unwanted glare while still giving you an amazing range of distance power. We also give you the option to get a combo spot/flood pattern to save even more energy and prevent any wasted lights. You can choose to change the cutoff point by changing the mounting position on the vehicle, so you always have the ideal setting for your vehicle’s application.

We also use a powerful and efficient cooling system that keeps the led lights running cool even in extreme conditions, this results in an incredible lifespan for the leds. This makes the light bar much more durable than many others on the market.

The 46″ Ultra Streamlined TIR Generation 3.5 LED Lightbar is the ultimate LED light for your truck or 4×4 vehicle. It features a super bright spot and flood combination beam, high and low spot and flood mode, 20 selectable flash patterns, and is controlled by the included 8 button controller with LED indicators. Also includes 2 take down lights and two independently controlled alley lights for extra safety and visibility. The lightweight, waterproof, and weatherproof design is perfect for use on any offroad adventure or work vehicle.


The Ultra Reflector LED Light Bar is powered by high-intensity CREE chips to produce a powerful long distance spot beam. Unlike other lights on the market, we use our own patented technology to drive the 5 watt chips and thermally manage them for optimal performance and lifespan.

Whether you choose the white 6000k or amber 5000k color options, these lights will shine bright for all your on and off-road adventures. Featuring a slender design, you can mount our Ultra LED pods to almost any location on your vehicle. The slender body helps Ultra Reflector led light bar reduce resistance and prevent whistling noise, and the LEDs are encased in a diecast aluminum housing for added durability.

We have a variety of different LED pod sizes and configurations to choose from, including single row and dual row options. We also offer a Combo light pattern that gives you both a spot and flood beam in one. Designed for both on and offroad applications, these lights are waterproof and designed to withstand all weather conditions.

These lights are perfect for Jeeps, Trucks, Cars, Boats, Tractors, and Trailers. Ideal for bar or rooftop mounting, these lights are perfect for work, play, rescue, and response. Built to withstand all weather conditions and vibration, these lights are tough enough for any adventure.


The Dual Row LED Light Bar from LUMENS High Performance Lighting is built to handle all of your off-road needs. This dual row, powerful LED light bar includes both a spot and flood light pattern in one unit. With deep heat sinks to dissipate the power, it’s designed to withstand the harshest offroad conditions. The dual row straight bar features a ‘foot’ mount under the lights and a side mount on each end cap for versatile installation. This is a great solution for trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and industrial equipment.

Vision X’s industry-leading Iris Reflector Technology and the best, newest, highest-binned CREE LED chips are engineered into a lightweight, rugged, and waterproof Hybrid Aluminum/Polycarbonate housing (only 2lbs) to provide unmatched lighting distance and reliability in extreme weather conditions and terrain. This powerful combination creates a smooth, even, and tight beam pattern that illuminates the way forward, no matter where the road takes you.

Choose the Shocker Race model to pierce through dust and fog with its special Amber LED lighting spectrum and wide elliptical driving pattern, or select the White PLC (Photon Light Core) model for maximum visibility on the road. Both models feature a waterproof DT wire harness for easy Ultra Reflector led light bar installation and control. They operate in a temperature range of -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for any climate.


The XPL Halo Series builds upon the distance power of Iris Reflector Technology while keeping an ultra-slim housing design. Using a powerful 5W Cree LED, the XPL series produces a super long spot beam in a much smaller and lower profile housing compared to our other light bar series.

Our XPL is available with both a Spot and Combo lens. This allows you to choose between a bright white spot beam with a 900mtr distance or the amber lens that can cut through dust, fog, rain and snow for increased visibility in harsh conditions.

All XPL lights are engineered for optimal performance and built to last. They use a high-density die cast aluminum body that is water and shock proof making them perfect for offroad driving. They also come with stainless steel mounting brackets and a waterproof DT wire harness to make installation fast and easy.

Unlike other brands who use 3 watt LED chips, Vision X uses only the highest quality, top-bin 5 watt LEDs in their light bars. This makes a huge difference in brightness and longevity. The result is a 50,000+ hour life span and extreme lumens/watt ratio. Plus, they are backed by a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. So if you’re looking for the best LED Light Bar for your truck or off-road toy, look no further than the XIL-PX9010. It’s the perfect light for work, play and rescue/responding.

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