Motorola DP4400e Digital Two Way Radio

Motorola DP4400e Digital Two Way Radio

The Motorola DP4400e is a digital two way radio that features Bluetooth connectivity and an IP68 rating. Its robust design makes it ideal for use in a range of industries.

The DP4400e features an improved receiver that increases its range by 8% and has up to 28 hours of battery life. It also includes a man down alert and an integrated accelerometer for safe operation.


The Motorola DP4400e series of digital hand portable radios replaces the older generation Motorola DP4400 and is popular across many industries. Part of the Mototrbo e range it is a powerful and competent digital two way radio with bluetooth connectivity (DP4401e) for hands free communication and an improved receiver which improves the radios range by up to 8% over previous models.

The DP4400e is an enhanced digital radio which is ideal for the professional who demands best-in-class audio, extended battery life and advanced data integration. DP4400e offers audio beyond expectation with Intelligent Audio which automatically adjusts the radio volume to ensure your voice is heard and understood clearly, even in noisy environments.

The DP4400e offers a robust and comprehensive set of features, exceptional performance and a wide range of applications to suit virtually any industry or use case. These include work order ticketing and text messaging, integrated GPS for location tracking of employees or equipment, and multiple workforce safety protocols to help protect your team in hazardous situations. Whether you’re a factory worker motorola dp4400e making components, an event or stadium crew setting up an assembly or a mobile technician servicing vehicles in the field, MOTOTRBO can transform your enterprise and empower your people like never before.


The Motorola DP4400e range is one of the best-performing digital two-way radios around, popular with many sectors including security, construction and hospitality. With its responsive push-to-talk technology and enhanced features to help safeguard staff, you can rely on the DP4400e series to deliver.

This Motorola E-series radio is dust tight and waterproof to IP68 rated, ensuring you can work in a wide variety of environments. Packed with clever features including built in Bluetooth (DP4401e model only), an improved receiver that increases the radio’s range by up to 8% and a prominent emergency button that allows you to summon help with just one press.

You can also use this handheld digital radio to implement a variety of business applications, such as location tracking, work order ticketing, voice recording and more. Safety features like Man Down and Lone Worker protection are available to further protect your team. For those organisations gradually migrating their analogue systems, the DP4400e series is both analogue and digital compatible. Each channel can be programmed as either UHF or VHF and there are a number of options to choose from, including ATEX certified for use in hazardous locations.


The Motorola dp4400e is the latest addition to Motorola’s MOTOTRBO digital two way radio range. Designed for skilled professionals who refuse to compromise the DP4000e series offers superb network coverage, superior audio and advanced features that empower your business like never before.

Motorola’s patented noise cancellation technology ensures your voice is heard loud and clear – free from the roar of motorola dp4400e engines and clinking machinery. Additionally, the DP4400e comes equipped with intelligent audio capabilities which automatically adjust the volume level of your radio depending on your environment.

The dp4400e also boasts an improved receiver that increases the radio’s range by up to 8% and provides an extended battery life of up to 28 hours. Other enhanced features include call signalling, basic and enhanced privacy-scrambling and the transmit interrupt suite – all of which can be easily expanded upon with optional Motorola solutions such as location tracking or Man down.

Rugged design

The DP4400e is the latest digital hand portable radio from Motorola Solutions. It is the direct replacement of its predecessor the DP3400 and shares many similar features.

The new DP4400e is packed with clever features that help keep your team connected and safe at work. The bright orange emergency button summons assistance with just one press. Integrated accelerometer can detect if the radio is dropped and will alert those around you (DP4401e, DP4601, DP4801e). Transmit Interrupt lets you clear the channel in an emergency and an optional intrinsically safe option makes it ideal for use in hazardous environments.

The DP4400e is built to military standards with IP68 protection against dust and water. It’s also compatible with all of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO advanced software solutions. Note: these advanced features require more advanced programming and will only be programmed if you select ‘customised programming’. The DP4400e has exceptional audio quality thanks to Intelligent Audio which adjusts the radio volume based on the surrounding noise level and uses IMPRES noise suppression, acoustic feedback control and microphone distortion control.


The DP4400e digital hand portable two way radio from Motorola Solutions is packed full of clever features. These include built in bluetooth (see DP4401e model for this option) a robust, dust and waterproof IP68 rating, a prominent emergency button that uses Transmit Interrupt to clear the channel and up to 28 hours of battery life.

The radio is designed for organisations that require a mobile communication solution that delivers high performance and enhanced functionality. It utilises digital technology that is compliant with the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) standard and can be paired with Motorola Solutions range of software applications to create a unified communications platform.

From the warehouse worker assembling components to the road crew fixing vehicles, Motorola Solutions DMR applications enhance productivity and increase safety. For example, alarm management, indoor localisation and man down apps keep teams connected and informed in all environments while intelligent voice & data applications eliminate the need for multiple devices to communicate, saving time and improving efficiency.

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