MOTOTRBO R7 – The Digital Two-Way Radio From Motorola Solutions

motorola r7

MOTOTRBO R7 – The Digital Two-Way Radio From Motorola Solutions

MOTOTRBO R7 is the flagship digital two-way radio from Motorola Solutions. Its sleek design and advanced audio features make it a powerful tool in your workplace.

It’s future-ready, rugged and tested to military standards. Plus, it delivers Next-Gen loudness and clarity. It comes in two versions: Capable and Premium.

Rugged Design

Motorola Solutions designed the R7 to solve three critical communication problems: audio quality, coverage and device durability. The result is a digital two-way radio that is built to last and is ready for future-proofing.

With a loudness factor of up to 102 dB, the R7 delivers crystal-clear communications across large campuses and stadiums, crowded restaurants or motorola r7 noisy warehouses. It can withstand multiple drops onto concrete and has a rugged design to protect against dust, dirt, spills and impact. Plus, the R7 is the first chemical-resistant two-way radio making it an ideal solution for the healthcare industry.

The R7 is a perfect symbiosis of user requirements, ease of use and performance. Its modern appearance and a simple, easy-to-use interface make it an ideal choice for busy distribution businesses of all sizes. Plus, the programmable buttons allow you to access your most-used features without touching the screen.

The R7 can connect your entire team in a variety of industries including manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, large schools and campuses, warehousing and more. With a robust application ecosystem on Android, best-in-class network security and a range of connectivity options the R7 is built to meet your business needs today and into the future.

Exceptional Loudness

The Motorola R7 is a digital portable two-way radio that offers loud, clear and configurable audio in a rugged, dependable and connected device. With next-level noise cancelling, loudness and voice clarity, it ensures your team can be heard where they operate, even in the noisiest environments.

The R7 is equipped with adaptive dual microphones that automatically suppress background noise so your team can be heard clearly. This makes it perfect for noisy environments like factories, warehouses or event venues, where you may need to communicate with staff working around loud machinery, security personnel at a concert, or a team of security guards.

This radio supports text messaging and GPS tracking, allowing you to stay in touch with your teams in between calls. It also comes with a man down alarm, ensuring that if someone does not respond to an incoming call for a pre-defined period of time, the radio will alert other users in the group.

This radio is compatible with a range of Motorola Solutions accessories, and its re-engineered accessory port increases the robustness of the connection point, making it less vulnerable to dust and corrosion. It has a programmable extra loud profile that raises total radio and remote speaker microphone audio to 107 phons, which is up to four times as loud as a normal conversation.


Motorola Solutions’ connected ecosystem unifies voice, data and analytics to power collaboration across all your communication channels. R7 integrates into this technology ecosystem to bring you powerful features like automated notifications from video security and access control systems, sensors and more – all of which help keep your teams aware, efficient and safe – right on their radios.

We designed the MOTOTRBO R7 portable two-way radio series to solve three critical communication problems: audio quality, device durability and coverage capability. This radio outperforms its predecessors and is the first chemical-resistant walkie talkie on the market — a useful feature for healthcare workers or industrial employees in environments that may require frequent cleaning with disinfectants. R7’s durable design and rugged capabilities also make it more resistant to drops, dust, spills and wear-and-tear.

With Adaptive Dual Mic Noise Suppression, R7 can be heard clearly even in the most challenging conditions. This technology works by analyzing noise levels and canceling out ambient background noise to provide you with crisp, clear communications that are easy to understand.

With a 2.4-inch color display, the R7 offers intuitive navigation and simple motorola r7 set up. The display by default displays relevant information such as channel and a single button push allows users to quickly access commonly used activities. And with modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, R7 is ready for today and built to grow with your business as your systems evolve.

Safety Reimagined

As an extension of the Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined technology ecosystem, the MOTOTRBO R7 has a wide variety of integrated safety and security applications. Airport security and security staff can get notifications on their MOTOTRBO device when doors are propped open, unauthorized entries or hazardous gas detection, so they can quickly respond.

In healthcare and other life critical industries, the R7 offers privacy features such as software-based scrambling that protects the signalling and user identification portions of a transmission. And the R7 is designed to be durable enough for repeated use and cleaning with disinfectants, making it perfect for challenging environments. The R7 is also the first two-way radio to meet military standards for drop and shock testing, making it one of the toughest radios on the market.

To take full advantage of your MOTOTRBO R7’s performance, be sure to use Motorola tested and certified accessories. From earpieces and microphones that provide a comfortable fit and noise suppression to batteries that extend your radio’s life, Motorola’s accessories are made for comfort and performance. And with a wide range of carry cases and belt clips that accommodate your work style, you’ll find the right accessory for any environment. And to keep you connected with your team even when you’re not in front of them, the MOTOTRBO R7 comes with a battery-powered remote speaker microphone that delivers crystal clear audio.

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