Ride Your ATV With a 12inch LED Light Bar

Ride Your ATV With a 12inch LED Light Bar

If you want to ride your ATV when the sun sets, a 12inch led light bar is essential. It’s much brighter than your headlight and will illuminate the path ahead of you.

Polycarbonate is an excellent resin to use for LED light housing. It is extremely sturdy and can withstand even the strongest impact.


Designed to illuminate the trail and woods ahead of you this 12″ LED light bar uses high power LEDs to produce 2325 effective lumens for a brighter lighting experience. Optically upgraded with OSRAM’s premium OSLON LED chips, this 12″ light bar provides focused beam-shaping and light guides for enhanced brightness and visual clarity. This off-road led light bar is a great choice to mount on the front of your truck or Jeep’s hood or roof.

The housing on this light bar is made from lightweight and durable aluminum that’s odorless and non-toxic. It’s also paintable, allowing you to theme the light bar chassis with your vehicle aesthetic. This aluminum also acts as an excellent heat sink for the LEDs inside, protecting them from overheating and prolonging their life.

This sleek LED light bar from Rough Country uses CREE LEDs for a powerful 5,760 Lumen 72 Watt output. It’s IP67 Waterproof and includes a mountable on/off switch, wiring harness, snap-on cover, and 3 year warranty.

The Quake Defcon Series LED Light Bar is the perfect way to improve your visibility on the road or in the field. Its powerful CREE LEDs provide an amazing amount of light output, all while drawing less electricity than standard HID bulbs. Choose from white for general lighting or red or blue for auxiliary or mood lighting applications.


Half-measures simply will not do when it comes to announcing your presence on the road. Whether you work in law enforcement or just want to be more visible, a full-size LED light bar is the way to go. Thankfully, these impressive devices are available at affordable prices, making them accessible to most drivers and budgets.

Featuring 4800 lumens and 60 watt output, the Rough Country Single-Row LED Light Bar puts out enough power to command the dark. It features a set of end mounts and adjustable track base mounts for multiple 12inch led light bar mounting options, so you can find the perfect spot for it on your vehicle.

The housing is built with a modern, sleek design and die-cast aluminum construction. The polycarbonate lens is virtually unbreakable and able to resist any impact or debris that you might encounter while off-roading. This combination of durability and usability makes it the ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their off-road lighting capabilities.

This light bar has a total of 88 Osram high-intensity CREE LED chips, giving it a powerful light output. The stage series also includes a custom-engineered TIR optic that collects and directs the light exactly where it needs to be, cutting down on glare and improving overall illumination. It’s easy to install and includes a mounting kit that can be mounted to the bumper, roof, or cage.


A 12 inch led light bar is a great addition to any truck or SUV. It can be mounted on a roof rack or bumper, and will provide a wide range of lighting options. Its modular design allows for easy customization, and its simple connections make it perfect for any installation. These lights feature a double-wall seal that is more weather tight than a single-seal, and they can be easily replaced with a new outer lens if you want to change the beam pattern or color.

Another important consideration for any light bar is its power supply. A high-quality light bar will be powered by a powerful, reliable, and durable LED source that can handle any type of off-road terrain. The power source will also be rated for your vehicle’s specific needs, so it will not overload or overheat.

The light bar’s housing can be made from heavy-gauge aluminum for a sleek appearance and superior durability. The outer shell can be painted to match your vehicle’s aesthetic, and it will resist rust and corrosion. Additionally, the aluminum is an excellent heatsink, so it will keep the internal components cool and prevent overheating.

Rough Country’s 12-inch Single Row CREE LED Light Bars deliver a staggering amount of illumination in a compact, stylish frame. They’re equipped with a set of end mounts and adjustable track base mounts for multiple mounting locations, and they’re engineered to perform in any environment. Plus, they come with a premium wiring harness and are backed by our 3-year warranty.


A light bar can be a powerful accessory for any vehicle. It uses LED lighting to amplify more vibrant light across a wider area than typical headlights or fog lights. This makes it ideal for off-road driving, avoiding wildlife and other natural obstacles. It also helps to increase visibility during nighttime travel. These lights can be especially useful for emergency service vehicles, such as police cars and fire trucks.

The best LED light bars are made of a durable material that can resist impact damage and the elements. Many are constructed from aluminum, which is lightweight and can be painted to match a vehicle’s aesthetic. Some have a polycarbonate 12inch led light bar lens that is virtually indestructible. This type of material is perfect for use on vehicles that see frequent off-road action and can take a beating from trees, rocks, mud, and other debris.

Another key feature of an LED light bar is that it can be controlled from the vehicle’s switch panel. This allows the driver to control all the functions of their light bar, including power, on/off, and lighting modes. This can save on maintenance costs and improve the overall performance of the vehicle. For example, a light bar with multiple light modes can help drivers to avoid accidents or other hazards on the road at night. This is an advantage over traditional incandescent bulbs that require constant replacements.

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