Add Privacy to Your Pergola With a Motorized Privacy Screen

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Add Privacy to Your Pergola With a Motorized Privacy Screen

A pergola idea that comes with a motorized privacy screen is a great way to control your sightlines. This is especially important when you entertain guests.

Motorized screens protect your patio, porch, or pergola from dust, sunlight, wind, rain, and insects. They’re also a Aluminum Pergola Suppliers wonderful way to increase the aesthetic value of your property.


Pergolas are renowned for adding both beauty and function to gardens, but they can also be the perfect spot to sit back and relax. They offer shade from the sun and shield you from prying eyes. To maximise the privacy of your pergola, it’s a great idea to incorporate climbing plants such as wisteria, roses and vines. They will soon entwine themselves around the structure and create a shady, private space for you to enjoy.

However, a pergola doesn’t always provide light protection from the sides, which can be an issue late in the day as the sun starts to drop below the horizon. This is where our outdoor roller blinds can come in handy – they can be easily rolled down or up to allow sunlight and breeze to flow through while offering maximum privacy.

These blinds are also popular with gardeners and fitness and sports enthusiasts who want to change out of dirty or sweaty clothes without tracking the dirt into the house. They’re also ideal for keeping out draughts and keeping the rain at bay.

Light Control

With the ability to block glare and select the light you want to let in, a pergola’s louvred roof will transform your outdoor space into an elegant and comfortable venue. This feature is ideal for restaurants or hotels that want to extend their dining space into the outdoors.

Depending on your chosen pergola design, you may be able to control the lighting with a remote or an App on your smart device. This makes it easier than ever to control the different functions and create a unique atmosphere at home or in business.

Aside from being a stylish addition to your landscape, a pergola also offers a protective cover for your furniture, patio Electric retractable roofs chairs, and other outdoor equipment against rain, wind, and debris. This protects your investment and gives you the freedom to enjoy your patio area whenever you like.

Goodwin-Cole’s partnership with GENNIUS Pergolas offers customers a one-stop solution for all their commercial shade needs. With innovation, refined design, and flexibility in managing customized projects, the GENNIUS range of pergolas is a great choice for businesses looking to make their outdoor spaces livable all year round.

Temperature Control

A pergola offers great shade, but it can be chilly in the evening when the sun goes down. Add a layer of protection and comfort by adding an outdoor roller shade. This fabric shade blocks glare and provides privacy while allowing light to filter in, which is ideal for patios and outdoor dining areas. It is available in a range of fabric weave-opennesses to preserve your view, and it comes with side channels or cable guides for added stability.

A traditional fixed pergola screen can be difficult and time-consuming to operate. However, a motorized pergola screen can be controlled with the push of a button to instantly transform your outdoor space. This convenience and on-demand temperature control makes the investment worthwhile, especially in a climate like Denver.

StruXure bioclimatic pergolas feature a rotating louver system that is designed for your local weather conditions, ensuring year-round comfort. You can rotate the louvers to any position and dial in the perfect amount of sun, shade, ventilation, and rain protection at the touch of a button. The top rain blade can be closed to activate the built-in gutter system, which is able to handle even heavy Denver rains and wind. You can also pair these pergolas with solar, electric, and Somfy MyLink smart home automation systems and weather sensors for a more customizable experience.

Sun Protection

Adding a pergola to your outdoor space can transform it into a secluded retreat that offers plenty of shade. While pergolas are great for blocking the sun, it’s important to remember that they also offer protection from the wind and other weather elements. That’s where the addition of an outdoor roller shade can come in handy. These shades are similar to outdoor window awnings and are made from durable materials that are superior to indoor window treatments. They can help protect your pergola and its furnishings from the elements while keeping you cool and comfortable.

While no outdoor shade can keep the rain completely out of a gazebo or pergola area, it can reduce the amount that gets in and provide enough shade to allow you to sit outside even during light rain showers. One of the best options for a pergola shade is a retractable one that allows you to roll the fabric away when not in use, and it’s simple to reinstall it during bad weather or for storage.

A wand-cord roller shade is another excellent option for your pergola, as it can be operated manually with a smooth crank mechanism. It’s a great choice for areas that get full sun during the day and is designed to block up to 80% of harmful UV rays, making it ideal for use on patios, balconies, decks, and pergolas. The breathable knitted fabric is designed to let cooling air circulate while reducing heat and glare.

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